Sunday, February 19, 2017

CHAPS Hits The Malaysian Fashion Scene

The fashion industry has become one of the most popular and sought after essences in Malaysia. Today, fashion styles do not only focus on a specific theme but ranges from diverse styles that accommodates to every individual’s different personality and soul. Fashion these days is more than just an essential wear; it is a form of individual self-expression. I was glad I made the great effort to attend CHAPS official opening that fateful afternoon no matter how busy I was that week. The finger food served was good, they even served blue and red cold drinks to match-made in heaven of their Blue Red theme with Red or Blue Denim Bags presenting to us as gifts too. So glad I got the Red Bag because I love everything Red Hung Dong Dong in everything besides Green.

Luen Thai Holdings Limited, a multi-billion dollar global leader in consumer goods with Retail as one of the group’s fastest growing ventures, extends its reach with CHAPS, a brand created by fashion icon Ralph Lauren. Ah ha, no wonder I fell in love with their trendy and stylish collection yet comfy at the very 1st sight. In fact, I've been a fan of Ralph Lauren since in my 20's and today in my 40's, I chose their iconic Polo Shirt during my shopping trip in Pavilion recently. Always shop for their signature products 1st, only start shopping for other line of trendy style that you prefer later then you won't go out of line from your fashion style that's for sure.

Launched in 1978, CHAPS is a brand that offers classic all-American styles that is synonymous with carefree, timeless design and impeccable quality. CHAPS offers a complete comfortable yet stylish lifestyle collection for women and men ranging from casual sportswear with a feel of simplicity yet giving attention to detail, to signature pieces with a trendy fashion twist, to effortlessly elegant dresses and men’s polished tailored clothing.

CHAPS represents fashion that is confident, spirited and fresh. With its authentic inspirations from nautical to Americana, CHAPS fits the young and trendy. For Ralph Lauren so loved his country, CHAPS collections are inspired by the cities in USA. In fact I brought Rambo over to CHAPS at One Utama during my shopping trip there yesterday, he asked me to choose the Red Jacket and other blue denim top where he explained to me that their price is reasonable matched for the quality, most importantly it's comfy due to his 'Zik Yip Beng'. Haha...As a QA/QC Chief who had undergone 20 years of manufacturing business in all around the world esp. China and US, he's very fussy when it comes to quality assurance be it for cars, homeliving products etc. for Japan market.

For women, CHAPS offers blouses, dresses, skirts and pants that are sophisticated and ready for wear, perfect for work and can easily transition from desk to dinner. Throughout the range, details like subtle embroideries, petite lace eyelets and crochet trims offer a feminine appeal. These all occasion wardrobe essentials combine seamlessly to yield a collection that’s perfect for today’s women, who lives her life on the go.

For men, CHAPS offers stylish looks that effortlessly transition from the office to cocktail hour with a wide selection of dapper outfits from its iconic look and remarkably breathable Polos to rugged plaid Oxford Shirts, Flat-Front Shorts and Classic Pants in hue of colors to choose from. With CHAPS, men get comfortably fit with all the signature details one would expect from the brand’s classic models.

Luen Thai Holdings Limited is a multi-billion dollar global leader in consumer goods, an industry consolidator and multi-product expert in manufacturing apparel, accessories, leather bags and shoes. Luen Thai strengthened its position in the retail industry by opening its first CHAPS store in Shanghai [Opened in October 2015]. In November 2016, the company established Luen Thai Retail Malaysia to initiate the retail business operation in Southeast Asia with Pavilion Elite and 1Utama Shopping Centre being its first two CHAPS stores [Both recently opened in January 2017] while the third CHAPS store will be opened in MyTown Shopping Centre. The company targets to open another 4 stores within the year.

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