Monday, February 27, 2017

My Busy February 2017 Updates

No matter how busy I was for MIFF 2017 also, I managed to drag myself to Dr.Ko
Specialist Media Launch to get the latest updates of Aesthetic Beauty so that I
won't get 'Tou Tai' out from the whole picture of today's beauty world since the
90's. To them, beauty is everything & they would go all out to look as beautiful, 
youthful as they can be. They think it's a worthy, necessity investment to make!   

Another reason also because I have many family and friends who are willing to spend or invest
a lot of money on aesthetic beauty costing thousands of dollars at local or overseas for beauty
enhancements be it face, body etc.despite the pain that they can endured during the painful
treatment. They even asked me which clinic that I trust to recommend to them and I usually asked
what's their budget which they replied me no money issue as long the end result is guaranteed!

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