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My Healthy, Happy Lifestyle 2017

Haha...Early this year 2017 I chance upon the 2 prosperous 'Choi Sen Ye' at Sunway Velocity Mall during my jewelry shopping for Dancing Diamond+Double Yellow Sapphires to welcome the new year with a sparkle bang. As it was a long queue with many shoppers waiting for their turns to get 'Angpow' Ong from the God of Prosperity, I let go the chance for others to get those shopping/dining vouchers as I don't wana greed for that. But while waiting for Rambo to pay for the 0% installment payment, I saw another one coming from the right side and so I asked one of the sales associate to snap a picture for me as quick as possible. 

What a great luck I thought to myself to get the chance to take a nice picture with the 2 auspicious Choy Sen Ye without planning it at all. And the queue keeps forming for a long queue like no ends. I quickly left after everything's has been completed as I have many other places to go on that day. No matter how lucky and happy I was feeling that day esp. after redeeming the Apple Green Rooster gift with purchase, I still remind myself that I need to eat right, stay healthy in order to have a happy life ahead of me.

Not only I tried to keep myself far, far away from critical illness and sickness including the flu or cough also, I begged them to stay a far distance from me in my everyday's life. As long I'm healthy, I know I'm able to achieve my golden dreams superbly and living happily everyday. To me, health needs time to cultivate and constantly needs to preserving it with sincere, tender loving care of my body, mind and soul all the time.

1. Water

Every morning, I start to perk up my life joyfully awake with a cup of aromatic good coffee. But before letting the coffee to function really well inside my body for the sake of my brain, heart and digestive system excellently, I would take a cup of water 1st. That cup of water can be alkaline water from advance technology machine, mineral Cactus water bottle or Cold Lemon Water, it's all really depend up to my good mood on that day. In fact every time I ordered the coffee of my choice of the day also, I will request for a cup of hot/warm water to hydrate back my body, sometimes iced tea or hot tea but water is essential and still the best liquid to replenish sufficient 'liquidity' to all over my body.

Even China during the many workshops that I've attended over the years, in many provinces around China also, the Professor did explained to us the main reason why taking pure, clean water like Alkaline is so important and helped a lot for health benefits before we can absorbed any other supplements into our bodies. Even when you sip good premium Chinese Tea cost thousands of dollars, you need good water that's able to 'Pao' the superb tea for you to enjoy besides the very hot just-boiled water. In Thailand during my recent Phuket holiday also, I found out that my White Coffee didn't taste as tasty like the usual coffee I get to enjoy from home sweet home because of the water quality.

Making coffee using Alkaline Water is more tasty compared to the use of their no brand mineral water but I can't be traveling by bringing the whole machine with me right. That's why in Hunan, China when Sam asked me did I get those health supplements that most of them bought in which I had the 'Cha Duo Fen' from Jem liao, I need not buy any of it because I already have the Alkaline Water Machine when they 1st started promoting it to the world. I even recommended it to many of my family and friends because it is the most important thing that they need to own for good health ahead.

Our bodies need about 70-80% (it's weird some cannot take too much water also) of water to function properly, real superbly, Some who are lacked of water in their bodies can go dehydrated easily, prone to fainting and suffering with headache miserably. To me, water is not my favourite drink at all but I know I needed it desperately to keep me moving, my organs need water to function orderly and to hydrate myself preventing from getting sore throat, cough or thyroid problem that's prone to attack both men and women too.

In China, you'll see me taking a bottle of mineral water and Rambo's taking a flask of Green Tea to keep us hydrated during our hectic China holiday because China is so huge, you need to walk a lot like a marathon champion most of the time to explore the China's world. So invest a good Alkaline Water machine even if you don't have any cancer or tumour like my aunt but you need clean, pure water to keep you healthy for many years to come.

2. Exercise

No matter how busy, lazy Rambo and I with our busy schedules also, we make sure we can go for a short swim for good exercise workout. Not only Swimming managed to garner the No.1 spot and score a perfect 10 among the other exercises listed under one health magazine I read many years ago, it's one of the best exercise that can burn more than 700+ calories from your body to keep you slim and trim excellently. Yea, if you can't swim then you can do other aerobic exercise, yoga or cycle swim invented and built at resort hotel like the Westin Hotel.

And if you can't get a nice swimming pool to go for a swim then you can go for jogging like Rambo. Jogging fell under No. 2 spot and he always feel good after a short run nearby but he didn't like to go for any run so I didn't wana force him also. For me, I prefer playing Badminton, Basketball, Netball or Volleyball but I can't join those friends who organised these games at Shah Alam. Too far for me, there's no way I wana brave myself going through all the jam, forgoing my total peace for exercise that I can do from home like Yoga, another good exercise practise you can do anytime of the day whenever you feel like doing so. 

3. Food

Malaysia is one of the country with the highest obesity rate in the world but can you really blame us for the great fortune that befalls us for that? The answer is No, because 'Sik Dak Hai Fuk' and as a Malaysian myself, I still think that Malaysia have tonnes of good food to boast about to the world real pridefully without a doubt. You name it, we have it, you only need to ask for it and you shall receive it. Haha...It doesn't only applies to The Secret, Laws of Attraction but Malaysia is definitely the land of the Genie who can fulfill our magic calling spells where we're spoilt for yummylicious food choices everywhere, from North Penang to South Johor and from am to pm, 24 hours a day. That's the beauty of my country Malaysia! 

But no matter how much we can indulged in good food also, take everything in proportions based on the basic nutrients that we need for our body moderately. Didn't mean I like Laksa or Nasi Lemak, I can take it everyday or 3 times a day, sot crazy meh. Remember to take health supplements like Multivitamins or taking a bottle of Yakult a day to keep the doctor away that's essentially important because sometimes the food intake that we take everyday can be harmful to our bodies so taking Yakult helped to boost up our immune system effectively and helped to absorb those vitamins that we may not able to absorb from food that we take on that day. It's good to take your food with less oil, sugar or salt too.

Fried food like Chicken Chop, Keropok Lekor, Fried 'Yau Za Guai' Yu Tiao etc. with too much oil fried kinda food, you can only take it once in a blue moon. How often do you see a blue moon, no right so if you didn't get to see it then forget about it also. Only take it when you really chance upon it, buy one but split into 2 and share it with another buddy for enjoyment. At one time, I saw my Uncle Ta took one piece of the Fried Potato Wedges from my Mongolian Lambchop meal, my aunty stopped him and I laughed out loud because I think they're very sweet in their 60's to care for one another this way. If possible, indulge in nutritious soup be it double-boiled like Ah Yip Herbal Soup which is one of the best for its 'Bo Tau Kung Gam Liu', full of of healthy herbal goodness ingredients that sum up a complete meal for you on that particular day.

In fact, I'm very strict to Rambo's daily lifestyle too. I'm his Doctor and Pharmacist to make sure he took the necessary medicine when he's sick esp. when he tried to skip it after his meals, his Nutritionist to make sure he takes the basic nutrition of the day and his Gym Advisor also to make sure he exercise everyday no matter how busy he is. If that day he have Japanese Class, then he can still do 'Fing Sau' Flipping Hands from the Chinese Health method while revising his Japanese study that he attended earlier. So long he exercise be it for Yoga, swimming etc., I'm totally fine with it with total peace of mind.

4. Medical Check Up

Every year Rambo and most of my family members would go for yearly medical checkup at Gleneagles Medical Centre, Pantai or even Prince Court where my Pharmacist Sis May is working these days. I lazy to go one but from time to time whenever my mom checked on her super duper high blood pressure or Rambo's high cholesterol level, they checked for me too. Since they wanted to play doctor game, let them be although I did check on it all the time. Usually mine is normal, record came with flying colours but I cannot guarantee if there's anything wrong inside my body also, anything can go wrong hay-wired anytime if we're not careful one day with our food or expose to free radicals surrounding us with pollution, bacteria etc. 

I'm still a human, not a Robot so I will go through 'Sang, Lou, Beng, Sei' (Birth, Aging, Sick, Die) like any other human beings too. But while the others are sick constantly, I was there nursing them caringly. Like Lynette who's very manja with me since her baby days, I kissed her lovingly and taught her to be strong of her mental health to get well as soon as possible. The rest like my health-conscious Pharmacist Sis May who took Herbalife healthy supplements everyday also got sick after been 'Da Lem', losing the battle against Dengue and got herself hospitalized recently until admitted into ICU some more, scary dao my mom got so worried about her esp. she's going to get married this year. 

My only advise for her is to take the magic Cellfood besides proper medical plus family's care and Buddhist payers for her. Like I always said, I can live my life without iphone which I left at home or shopping malls (Thank God many good samaritans returned it to me because I did the same for others and Karma is maha berkuasa), but I would never leave my handbag without my magical Cellfood Spray as it has saved many people' lives before. Last CNY 2017, Da Jie also feel very dizzy with red eyes got swollen like a 'Keong Si' Vampire, supposedly she's having good mood also can become no mood for CNY liao due to such bad health that's bothering her so much.

Seeing her suffering in pain so pity, I took out my Cellfood Spray and told her to tahan a bit in terms of mentally and physically prepared as I would spray those precious 'Hou Ye' Water into her eyes. She had no choice but to stand the pain rather than going to suffer in pain of the bulging eyes. I counted 1, 2, 3 like a Nurse so that she's prepared when the spraying going to happen. She felt better, then she asked me to spray more for her and I did to help soothe her pain and sufferings that day. Then my Sis Toto also asked me to help spray her whole body because I used to do that for her whenever she had skin allergy, even Sis Hoon said she should get one for herself as this kinda allergy is no joke man.

Allergy can cause many chains of reactions in a bad way, can cause death too. I'm very lucky that Rambo found Cellfood from his Thai colleague who introduced him to take it many years ago during their leadership conference in Bangkok. It's Cellfood that has helped me to live up my life real perfectly over the years. And I'm proud to say that I have managed to help many people to prolong their lives from getting 'Hoi Dou' going through many times of operations/surgeries like my Aunt WK from her ovary tumours, Aunt J as I told her no need to cut those breast cyst by taking Cellfood only and my Uncle Luck of his big tumour on his knee that burst out on his own naturally. As simple as that. 

According to the Chinese traditional medical practise existed thousand years ago in China, they never really recommend anyone to go through surgery or operation one unless it's too risky or in critical condition liao. If they can cure or heal it through medicine, acupuncture etc. then they will. Just like my 'Gu Jeong' Uncle who's rich and healthy, suddenly doctor told him liver cancer and wait to die only because not everything can be cut and healed by cutting it. If you have Ovary Cancer, yes you can cut it but if you have Cervical Cancer Stage 3/4, you can't cut it away but leave it to rot and waiting to die only. That's why we need to go for a comprehensive medical checkup every year if possible for prevention is always better than cure. 

5. Sleep

Sleep is equally important as breathing oxygen air. To me, it's 'Dai Guo Tin' in which the Chinese is very 'Ging' in expressing their thoughts to show how important it is. Everyday, I make sure I sleeps 8 hours a day without failed so that my body organs can rest, repair and rejuvenate superbly. In China if I need to wake up as early as 6 am disciplinary, I make sure I sleeps at 10pm to make the time for it. 

Let my body rest 'Gau Gau Hui', sufficient enough to process whatever their duties can be so that the next morning when I wakes up, I'm full with energy to focus on my holiday excitedly. Sleeping enough also helped very much to brighten up my good mood to feeling fantastic all day long. The last time my CEO friend got hospitalised also due to lack of sleep as I know he only sleeps 3 hours a day.

No matter how motivated you can be to achieve your goals, you cannot torture yourself like this. Even if you have Insomnia where you have difficulty to sleep also, you need to try lie on the bed and let it rest by closing your eyes. That is why it's important to invest in good quality bed for a blissful sleep based on your back health condition or a lovely Silk Comforter under air-condition room like me who sleeps like a baby. 

6. Menstruation Cycle Care (For Women only)

During the few days menstruation period cycle every month obviously I cannot visit Ecoparadise Spa for smooth blood circulation of my body, so the best thing I could do is dipping myself into hot bath tub filled with healthy herbs or spa salt for about 10 minutes only. Seeing the obvious red all over my body, I knew it's working already and using those superb negative ion sanitary pad for maxi day use or heavy flow for night use. I also wear the negative ion wrap covering my bust to intimate area (both most sensitive areas during menstruation) for full protection and good blood flow of my body that tend to betray me during this 5 days menstrual cycle naturally. 

All the time I very 'Zi Zung' putting highest priority in using the best quality sanitary pads that helped to ease the pain, keeping me clean, tidy and comfy down south area at the same time. Thanks to one of Rambo's friend who is a man and didn't need to use it but he only 'Ying Cau' entertaining his friends who are involved in this hot trendy MLM business doing health related products. They're rich so they see no up on petty things like pads and gave us 2 big boxes in which I think can last me up till reaching menopause also. 

Haha...No matter how leceh it can be, I always told my body system that they must come on time every month. Let say if it comes on the 10th, then make sure they come on the 10th monthly. I was lucky my mental health is obedient enough to listen to me wisely all these years without failed. Most importantly, no pain also. Jem, my bestie have been going through years of treatment liao for irregular menstrual cycle where I told her, one month absent not coming considered no good liao, what to say 2 or 3 months. Cannot go on like this so what if she can earned so much of money but cannot enjoy her life fabulously. And so I encouraged her to go for women health treatment, curing and healing it till it's back to regular cycle only she can stop for it. 

Sometimes even when I have to attend any event/appointments also, I tried to negotiate with my brain and body to come in the afternoon after it ends and it's really happening to me many times liao. Sometimes during travel also no choice if it bumped or clashed with same dates also but still I wanted it to come on time punctually just to make sure I'm healthy there and then. Just come visit me for 5 days max and leave me with a peace of mind after that. It's very important to let it flow smoothly for the change of new, clean blood in our body and it's vital to balance up the woman's hormonal changes.For men, they're encouraged to go for blood donation as often as possible. 

7. Spiritual Commitment

Everyone is a sinner, as we live each day we tend to make mistakes every now and then. To be a good person is not easy because sometimes you treat others good, not necessary they will treat you good or appreciate as much as you did for them. And who is daring to tell me that as a good person, you can be a saint all the time? There is no way let me tell you that because everyone are human beings, we have emotions and deep feelings over something we feel 'Gam Chuk' about.

Everyone also have stress, only depending on what level of stress you're handling and how you reacted to it only. You have stress, I also have stress as we live each day especially when you meet crazy people or those who have mental depression but they think they're 'Dai Sai' just because they have it, they blew it to you. Sorry, no one is owing you anything. If you're having bad mood that day, lock yourself up in the room, house or gold cage like Sis Toto always tease me who prefer to stay at my home for own praying or chanting time instead of joining them at temple. Nobody has the right to throw any tantrum towards others or causing other people to 'Sau Lei Hei' stand your bad behaviour.

Many Buddhist organisations actually approached me to join them too but I prefer to practise it on my own. I find my own Zen peace of mind through meditation of my own way. Even singing, chanting 'Ohm Mani Padme Hum' repeatedly already blissful enough to keep me peaceful that day. It is important to have spiritual belief to keep you sane, focused in life and humble too. Even Rambo always encouraged his malay staffs to go mosque for Friday praying because they performed better at work. You can never buy 'Zen' total peace of mind using money but you can start cultivating it with the right attitude, staying calm and cool at all times then everything's going to be alright. Just stay away from bad apples will do. 

8. Aromatherapy Treatment/Essential Oil Retreat

Besides enjoying the latest trendy brand of Young Living Aromatherapy Treatment for relaxing Lavender scent of my choice before I sleeps blissfully at night or Lemongrass during the day, I visit many spa salon for body massage treatment using custom-blended essential oil to suit my needs particularly for the month. I've pampered myself with many brands from all around the world over the years, I also have this friend Eva who's in the aromatherapy MLM business who always share and presented me a bottle of essential oil for face and body that's so luxury and lovely to the max. 

Their products are superb and remained as one of the best among the rest that I have used over the years. Very natural, once you smell it you knew it's a good stuff that you need to spend hundreds or thousand dollars for the whole package like those I bought from Europe and theirs are also made from Europe be it Italy, France etc.I think it's totally worth it because it's purely essence of the flowers' bloom and it smells so good. She also loves to travel to Europe on her own and always asked me to join her for many events including this MLM business too but I told her I'm too busy for that.

After hearing her share with me her company's marketing plan, I told her no wonder she told me she wana gained 1 Million Dollar income, not just few hundred thousand dollars suffice to make her happy. It's definitely one of the best marketing plan I ever heard among the others and she agreed with me because she closed down all her 5 hair and beauty salons to do this MLM business. Besides paying high price for the products, part of it is to pay for their structural income and other perks too. But many others who have money and love to pamper themselves with aromatherapy real luxuriously, they're willing to spend that kinda money. Just like when Sis Toto 1st got introduced by her good friend who got to know Young Living also from her wealthy friends who are living a luxury life.

But for me, all the while I've been pampering myself with aromatherapy treatment for years liao so no harm to try another good brand for me. Although it's expensive than many other brands in town but after you started pampering with YL brand, other brands didn't seemed to smell nice anymore. I also love applying those natural essential oil by splashing it all over my body to envelop myself for deep hydration all day long and uplifting the total spirit of my body, mind and soul sensationally. Buy those natural ones like Satira brand from Thailand, smells heavenly divine and luxury without burning a big hole in your pocket. Even Rambo enjoys smelling it when he splashed it all over my back body with Satira luxurious oil for a quick massage sometimes.

9. Stress Free

Some people find solace through dining, wining sipping Red Rouge or White Blanc Wine, some go for shopping, traveling, singing, dancing etc. to destress at the end of the day. Some like my sister Defney was teasing my Monkey Sis Shyan last Saturday that she loves to talk a lot among the 6 of us that naturally make us all LOL hysterically because by talking a lot, she feels happier lot. So the 5 of us usually would let her talk all she wanted, I LOL more than talking but would still voice out my opinion and thoughts whenever it's necessary. The 6 of us are very united, we love and care about each other as sisters 'Kam Ching'ly even when they're based in overseas also, we still video chat with each other like our usual Saturday gathering.

Some likes to shop like nobody's business, to the extent like my bestie Jos she would rather shop for makeups than going for yummy lunch unless Auntie Maureen bought us lunch at the Sydney Casino. I always taught her to spend money in a balance ways for years liao since we're 13 years old till today, sharing the same money spending methods with many others too. You can shop all you wanted yet you still need to allocate some money spent for good food also and so yes, she loves indulging Coffee Bean Mocha Ice Blended together with me whenever we had gatherings together. Some prefer to shop for branded goods so skip all the lunches/dinners just to save money for that. Some love to go traveling, die die also save every penny she could so she can fly to her dreamy holiday excitedly. 

Some prefers to buy property, save every dollars into paying bank mortgages, taxes like forever esp. nowadays the government like to implement this tax lah this year, that tax lah next year so pening kepala dibuatnya. Orang kaya also can jadi miskin papa kedana if going on like this. Last February fuel price hike already raised 20 cents, then they dare to compare us with other countries that raised 50 cents. OMG, how much they earned and how much we're earning here in Malaysia? Not even balance of our GDP growth, how to compare with both of us? Not fair and tally also. Back to my story line here, some save every cents and dollars but never even wana spend a dime on it because he feels 'Song Gila' by admiring his FD certs everyday. Haha...That's life, if that makes you happy then by all means it's really up to you to live up your life passionately.

10. Success/Achieving Golden Dreams (Working or Business Ventures)

Haha...In this world, macam macam kerenah of people and everyone have their own thoughts and own planning to live their lives happily ever after. If Plan A makes you happy, by all means go for it and stay focused on your plan strongly and firmly ever. After completing my projects for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter wonderfully, I would usually plan to go for a long vacation just to rest, relax and recharge my battery back to full energy level fantastically. There's always Plan B or C for improvement if Plan A didn't work out so well, always set a back up plan like me.

Most of my travel holidays to all around the world, I met many people and in my last Europe holiday, Jenny who stayed close said to me it's very rare to meet someone humble like me. The reason why both of us can stayed close during the trip is they're good people and I believe good vibes are created from the positive energies that we managed to create along the way. It's very important to mix and stay close with great minds, good people to exchange superb ideas among us, uplifting each other and improving our lives to greater, further heights besides being able to share our creative insights with others to grow also.

Humble also keeps us sane, back to reality world where materialism should be put away to judge a person's success. Didn't mean you're loaded with money and wealthy, you can speak louder than the others or said anything to downgrade the others. Being rich and famous didn't mean you can judge the others like you're more superior than the others. Not only Buddhism Teachings taught us to stay humble all the time, humble can helped you go a long way straight up to the top more easily that's for sure. Humble makes you look beautiful and wonderful in any way, any angle by being your true self.

Before I ended this Health related blog based on my true life stories so that you can stay as healthy and happy like me, I wanted you to know that life is short so live life to the fullest you can everyday. If you wanted to achieve your golden dreams successfully, you need to learn how to love yourself before you can afford to love the others lovingly. Take things easy sometimes because I see many people who got sick usually are having 'Sem Beng' (love hate sickness) that sometimes derived from their own bad reaction to it or over-thinking it. If you wanted to know the truth, ask the person personally rather than assuming it yourself or listen to unnecessary rumour from losers. 

You cannot change what other people think or perceive of you or said anything about you, you only need to learn how to let go and let karma take its place only. I know there are many people who like to create rumour, gossiping and condemning the others so that they can looked better than you but then, it didn't worked that way actually. People who did that are usually the losers, they're forever staying behind your back and will never succeed in their lives even if you see they looked happy but in actual of fact, they're not. If they're happy and are good people, they will not backstabbed you from behind like the two-headed snake. 

That's life, just remember to stay healthy and lovely before you can enjoy your life real happily. Remember to do good deeds whenever you can and any form you're capable to help yourself, family and the others because it helped to purify your unlimited sins that you've created all along the years as we live. It's not that we wana create any sin sesuka hati kita, but it tend to happen very naturally as a human being. Be 'Dai Yan Yau Dai Leong' with big big heart as possible, I know it's not easy even with family members also sometimes but only by letting it go, living a simple life that will naturally makes you living real happily. Xoxo, Jacinta!

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