Sunday, June 25, 2017

Fly Like A Bird, Swim Like a Piscean 2017

This Summer 2017 Bangkok trip, supposed I wana stay at Centara Grand World Hotel because my shopping paradise is enclaved all around this city centre area & going with my family for Raya holiday. But then my mom didn't wana go so I went ahead with Rambo for our much-needed Summer vacation, one week earlier than my sis Defney where she asked why, why, why didn't go together with her? Haha...Our interest and passions are totally different but then it's good also I travel to Bangkok 1st and I kept her posted on the places I have been after she saw my pictures. In fact, I have traveled to many tourist destinations in Bangkok, Pattaya liao so I flew there for SALE shopping spree trip only.

Obviously I wish to go travel together with her but then the timing is not right and so I said next time we need to plan our travel nicely together. Most importantly, my advise to her is to get tourist passes going for any shopping spree. I get free tasty Thai Milk Tea at one Thai Cafe, snacks and big gifts galore after being upgraded to Titanium Member from Platinum and so full with good food spread from here. Even the Thai rich shoppers who came in to the mall kept looking at me 'semacam saja' as I was relaxing at the lounge for cold drinks after a tiring day with many lovely paperbags full of wonderful, beautiful goods.

Thai Models are so pretty and lovely, I wish to look good like them too!

Haha...Happy, jolly me with many pretty things I bought from Siam Square. I booked Windsor Suites Hotel at the very last minute with AA 1st time ever. Usually I travel to Bangkok with Malaysia Airlines, be it for leisure/pleasure or business trip with Rambo's company. In fact, I chose MAS over AA flying to anywhere overseas also and back many years ago, where got Air Asia & AA also not very cheap if compared with MAS or Thai Airways, sometimes got offer also. But try loh and lucky to bump into Thai AirAsia makeup products that I wanted to buy. I showed it and told Rambo that I wanted to get these 2 trendy makeups so he better look it out for me. Haha...He really did and now he's an expert to buy makeup products for me liao, from China to Japan. He did asked me to join him for Japan Manager Training in Tokyo this July but I told him I prefer to stay home 'Guai Guai Lui', used the money for shopping better.

Haha...Back to my storyline above, he saw it when I was checking on the Unicorn Nail Polish that's trending for today's beauty of Unicorn clothings, beauty & swim floats in Europe, China and Australia among the celebrities, beauty aficionados etc. Left only one The Peak Eyebrow Brown and left 2 boxes of the Mistline 4 Queen Multicolor Lip so I quickly took one box of it. And it's cheaper than AA Thailand too at TB129 Lip vs. AA: TB200 and TB179 Eyebrow vs. AA: TB250 if not mistaken based on my vivid memory. Yea, actually AA shopping is not attractive at all compared to many other airlines that I have flown before. Sometimes I do share with many others those airlines that I really liked, they told me they wanted to try also because different airlines, different kind of offers and services. I have many favourite for airlines too, next time only share ok. Chow for now, busy July for me!   

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