Tuesday, September 5, 2017

An Evening Down Memory Lane With MELODY FM & Kinohimitsu

MELODY FM in collaboration with Kinohimitsu Malaysia throws a party themed to MELODY FM Retro Alumni Gathering on this day for its listeners and followers to stroll down memory lane.  This private party is hosted by all MELODY FM DJs, including top DJs like Chui Ling and Jentzen.

To bring back atmosphere of the retro years, all invited guests are required to dress to the era of the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s.  They can also copy an icon or character of the era and dress to that. When Shyan called and inviting me for this event, she did mentioned to me to dress up for the occasion so I replied her I'll be wearing a Silk Cheongsam like the '70's Ye Shanghai' or 'Maggie Cheung Man Yuk' and she agreed with my idea real excitedly. On that day itself, she also called me just to make sure I can find the place & lucky I was on my way there. Haha...Cannot 'Fong Fei Gei' since I have promised her that I will do my best to make it that Sunday.

The event venue is set up with props to resemble the yesteryears.  There is also a display area of all old school favourites and snacks to add on to the throwback.  This sit down event also incorporate lively activities such as Karaoke singing competition, Best Dress Award and special performance by Astro CGM winners. OMG, I was awestruck by all these old tradition arrangements just like those old movies and just like in Shanghai of my many travel holidays there admiring the ancient Chinese preservation, decorations everywhere. 

Special guest artist from Taiwan, Donna Chiu Hai Zhen & her gang was also making a special appearance and singing some of her big hits.  Expecting a turnout of approximate 500 people, this party will leave all guests reminiscing their favourite pasts. 

Another highlight of this evening is the magic performance which leads to the appearance of Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme.  This is then followed by the introduction and launching of this product, which is a new addition by Kino Biotech, extending its range of Superfood series. I super duper missed all these yummy biscuits I used to buy from Pasar Malam, it's like a flashback of Blast From The Past of 30 years back. Time flies too quickly, today I'm 41 years old. Haha...Where's my 'Ching Chun' (Youth) all gone, give me a break!

Set to be different from the other Superfood range, this new wholesome beverage promotes healthy bones, joints and muscles, enabling you to stay active and energetic regardless of age.  Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is suitable for everyone, but is specially recommended for the elderly, fitness enthusiasts and those going through physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

One of the key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme includes Mangosteen Fruit Extract, which has been clinically-proven for its anti-inflammatory properties and improvement on joint health.  Brown rice is also found in the product and plays an important role in maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol and blood sugars as well as regulating bowel function.  Isolated pea protein serves as an alternative source of plant protein in building stronger muscle and body toning, enabling those with lactose and soy intolerance to consume the product.

Other key ingredients in Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme include black sesame seed which is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, sesamin and Vitamin E.  These nutrients assists in regulating blood pressure and maintaining heart health.  Last but not least is calcium, which is super important in strengthening bones and teeth density, preventing osteoporosis and improve cardiovascular health.

Today, we live in a world of active lifestyles.  We love physical activities.  We exercise, travel and are constantly challenging our body to stay fit.  As such we are prone to physical injuries, inflammation, joint paint and muscle wear and tear.  As we age, we are at a higher risk of getting these conditions. 

Good news is, we can now protect our body from these unwelcome conditions and continue to enjoy the active lifestyle that we want.  Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is carefully formulated with essential nutrients to improve joint health, build muscle and reduce inflammation, as well as to support other important bodily function.  This all-plant base product is all natural and contains no artificial ingredients and is definitely the right choice for the elderly, the fitness group and physiotherapy patients. That's why I've enforced it as a rule that my hubby Rambo and my Uncle Chew must consume Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme everyday to maintain a balance nutritious meal of the day be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is now available at all leading pharmacies, Watsons, Guardian, Caring, Aeon Wellness and selected Chinese Medicine Hall.  Online shoppers can also purchase this product directly from Kinohimitsu e-store at my.kinohimitsu.com or from other online platforms such as 11street, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee and Shoppu.  The usual price for Kinohimitsu Superfood Supreme is RM89.90, with promo now selling at RM69.90. One of the most affordable Superfood in the market, check it out! 

About Kino Biotech
Kino Biotech’s is a leading integrated biopharmaceutical company specialised in the research and development, manufacturing (product design and commercialisation), brand marketing, sale and distribution of innovative healthcare and beauty products. Our core business is the sale of healthcare and beauty products under our own proprietary brands: Kinohimitsu, Activa and Xpertise.

Kino Biotech is based in the heart of Asia. We have over 4500 point of sales in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Collaboration with our key partners Watsons, Guardian, Sasa, Tesco, Carrefour, Boots and others, enables Kino Biotech to successfully bring its products to the mass market.

The people of Kino Biotech are dedicated to bring the best innovative healthcare and beauty products that enhance and improve the quality of life for our customers.

Kinohimitsu – Leader in Functional drink
Kinohimitsu is an extensive range of nutraceutical products – health related and enhancement functional drinks dedicated to improve the human well-being. Kinohimitsu is sold all over Asia in major pharmacies, departmental chains, supermarkets and Kinohimitsu stores.

Activa – Because Truth does not fade
Activa is a range of water-based treatment products for the hair face and body. Activa uses the right ingredients to provide application products with effective curative properties.

Xpertise is a range of innovative slimming products for topical use on different parts of the body.

For more information about Kinohimitsu, check out www.kinobiotech.comwww.kinohimitsu.com and www.activa-internationalcom  

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