Friday, September 1, 2017

Ame Soeur Boutique Cafe At Bukit Jalil

That night out in a blue moon, I have cravings for good food after doing our rounds for Rambo's new office location
around Bukit Jalil. I told Rambo too jam-packed here when he suggested the area where my Uncle Ta used to treat
us dinner at one of the famous Chinese Restaurant there. Last 10 years ago, Bukit Jalil used to be 'Jing Ying Ying',
full of parking free parking spaces to park during our 'Yum Cha' with Rambo or my friend Tom who pointed out to me
"Andy Lau's house is there loh!" and I replied him, "Oh, I see." Opposite this Bukit Jalil residence area, I remember
I always wanted to try the coffee and food here but was lazy to drive here since I no longer stay in SP and BJ anymore.
Reaching to the cafe at about 9pm, one of the malay girl opened the door and welcome
me inside informing me that they need to close up early that night so I quickly go in and
order my food and coffee. She knew I wanted to take a nice picture at the entrance, she
on the front lights for me immediately, off it when I was done and let me choose my seat.

I chose one corner seating that can accommodate 6-8 people depending how close you want it to be. Haha...For 2,
I chose this lovely corner since only left 4 customers inside the cafe. I quickly take a glance at their huge, heavy
menu and knew what I wanted to take a tease of my fussy tastebud liao but I still asked for their recommendations.

1st time ever I enjoyed this silky-smooth Royal Belgium Coffee without sugar and milk.
I always needed lots of milk and a pack of brown sugar but this time, pure fresh coffee of
this aromatic coffee is suffice to brighten up my smile joyfully. Yea, it may cost RM20 at
higher end price which is meant for the rich ones for total enjoyment of a luxury coffee,
but to me, it's totally worth it for a perfect coffee like this. Once in a blue moon, indulge
on it as we cannot bring our hard-earned money to coffin, down to 6 feet under the grave.
Enjoy it while we can, live life to the fullest we can as we cannot predict what tomorrow
will bring. In Belgium, enjoying a cup of coffee like this luxurious spread at Belgium
Square han han dei cost you Euro 8-10x5.1: RM43.20, so might as well we spend it here
in Malaysia. Let Malaysia prosper more, let our money rolling within our country which
is better because at the end of the day, the money will eventually rolled back into our
account as well. Malaysia semuanya ada, we're all very blessed indeed to be Malaysians!
Last but not least, I wana share how delicious their signature pasta is. Actually, I wana try almost everything on the
menu but since they're closing the cafe soon so I just ordered the Chicken Linguine in which I change to Spaghetti.
So tasty that I vowed to myself I will visit the cafe again to try out other dishes as well. They're generous enough
to 'membanjiri', flooding my pasta full with yummy rich spice sauces of a palatable pasta. See this photo also
I started to drool all over again about their tasty good food & I'm planning to come again soon. It cost about RM26,
it's worthy for me because as long it tasted perfect 10 for such appetising food served superbly for me, it's worthy!

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