Friday, July 20, 2012

My best memoir in Mount Fuji, Japan!

Haha...I got a 'Dai Kat Chim'(Big good fortune) with Japanese writing on the good fortunes written on the fan. The simple meaning that says I can achieve all the great things in life whether it's for good health, wealth, love and wisdom so long I wish for it I would surely get it. The Japanese/Malaysian tour guide told me so and he even asked me what kinda wishes I hope to achieve as he's curious you see. He said in his 20 years been a tour guide in Japan, he have never met anyone who have this most auspicious 'Chim' before as the others may only have 'Kat' or average Chim only. Never before this 'Dai Kat chim', "Really!" he sweared to me.

And my response was, "Oh, really?Haha...I just wish to have a good health". Then he said, "Wish for more lah as this 'Chim' has mentioned you can get everything you asked for like a magic lamp." But I reasoned with him, "Health is the ultimate wealth. Once you have a good health, everything would come naturally, eventually." And so he agreed with me finally. 

Before I pray in this shrine, I need to wash off my sins at the ancient 'Perigi' just outside this shrine which is near to the forest. The tour guide told us that morning we're all so lucky to be able to reach up this 5th level of Mount Fuji as with only good weather then we have the permission to reach up here. For the Japanese, safety always comes first above everything else.

Most of my friends who came to Japan never get to tour this 5th level of Mount Fuji because according to them, no luck that day. It's all about luck, must be in good weather and having good fate to be able to pray in this temple/shrine. And when I wash off my sins that day, I told myself I'm still a human who tend to make mistakes but I'm willing to change, repent and do good from now on. 

I felt 'Chan Kuai'(remorseful) for all the mistakes I have made along these years and I'm willing to accept new good faith in life. After the washing, in wet I went in and pray wholeheartedly to what I really want, asking for forgiveness and hoping to get very good blessings in life. I donated the required fees and I playfully searching for the best 'Chim' (fortune fan) of my lifetime.

Haha...I finally chose this 'Chim' and showed it to Rambo to translate it for me. He's so happy as he said it's a very good 'Chim', a very good sign of happiness for me. Yahoo! I shouted out with glee. And after enjoying enough of Mochi, Rambo also took so many of it as it's really yummy with hot Green Tea, I got myself an 18k Gold Carat Mount Fuji coin from a machine nearby.

It's limited Edition, only available in Mount Fuji so called a memorable souvenir to reminisce our good memories here in Mount Fuji. That's when the tour guide saw my 'Chim' and the golden coin, he explained to us about luck, the Chim and why is it so special to be able to reach up here that day.

The next day in Kyoto when we visit a famous temple with the Tiger (Rambo) and Dragon(Jacinta) welcome pillars at the front temple, the tour guide taught us how to pray to the Buddha with 3 times clapping with both hands and wishing what we hope to achieve in life. So he went as the first worshipper, he wished for a good health just like what I've shared with him yesterday. Haha...I'm so happy that he actually learnt something real fast.

That's why he's so blessed to have a Semi-D in Cheras after 20 years of hardwork in Japan. And all of us following and wishing for good health as well. This Japan Tour is one of my best holiday ever as all of us are very blessed people coming as Doctors, VP of a reputable bank and Businessman/woman together with our Japanese Driver aged 70, but still a healthy man alive. I guess all of us played real good roles in bringing good lucks for a safe Japan journey along the 7 days with MAS. My best memoir in Nihon really!

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