Sunday, July 15, 2012

Raising Eyebrow Book Launch & Brow Shaping Masterclass

In ancient Greece, the unibrow on a woman was a symbol of great intelligence and beauty.In fact, it was so prized that woman who didn't have one naturally would fill in the gap between their brows with kohl or black paint.Eyebrows are like punctuation marks for your emotions in feelings, thoughts and emotions set.

Cameron Tuttle, lifetime Benebabe & author of best-selling 'how-to' series 'The Bad Girls Guide' knows the importance of putting your best brow forward.The 'Raising Eyebrows' has everything you need to know how to raise your brows, learn the secret power of eyebrows and the comparison of the pros & cons of waxing, tweezing (needs alot of time & painful too), threading (unbearable pain) and tips or tricks from the eyebrow pros at Benefit Cosmetics.

The Shaping Masterclass workshop where we were taught step by step on measuring the tip to the arch eyebrow, from the arch to end of the eyebrow.Rane was the Benebabe model of the day, from the shaping to the waxing & finish off with a cooling gel for soothing the bearable pain of the perfect eyebrows.

The Benefit Beauty Consultant showing us the way & helping me to shape the perfect shape of eyebrow on my right side.And I need to learn the hands-on filling up the gap, drawing it with Benefit Brow Zing to total brow full-fill-ment.Check out this handy kit of soft-pigmented wax,complementing powder plus mini brushes & and tweezers lets you fill and shape your brows to perfection.It's available in 3 shades, priced at RM115.

The Raising Eyebrow Book launch 

The Benefit Brow Bar has marked a history of 36 years (my age) since 1976 (the year I was born).Benefit performs a brow arch every minute in the US and sells 1 brow product a minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days at 2100 counters worldwide.

In Malaysia, Benefit Brow Bar is available at Parkson Pavilion.To book yourself for the perfect eyebrows, you can call 03-21414601 for an appointment or you can contact the nearest Benefit near you at Sunway Pyramid at 03-56316300.

The price tag for the perfect eyebrows experience is only RM35 & other services as listed above.You can also find out other cute, chic products like the Pore-fessional (one of my favourite product) for translucent skin, Posietint for pinkish blush on cheeks & lips (the original is Benetint : sexy stain for youthful nipples) and many other products you can find from their Benefit Summer 2012 booklet.U'll love it just the way I do.To get updated with Benefit Cosmetics promotions, check out their Facebook page at   


  1. Oh, I love benefit always cheer me up with the packaging and the lip & cheek tint, i got it for 2nd tube ! is it very pain for brow waxing???

  2. Not painful but if it's your first time, U may feel like ant bite.It's bearable!

  3. I love Benefit so much because it's the leading and reliable brand for cosmetics in Malaysia. Their products' packaging and names are very special and convenient to bring around :D

  4. I love Benefit because it's making my brows look groomed & gorgeous. I really can expect the unexpected from Benefit. <3<3<3

  5. I love Benefit because its ingredients suit my sensitive skin, plus just love its adorable packaging! A very nice brand not to be missed^^

  6. I love Benefit because it gives me beautiful eyebrow even though i have sensitive skin, the cute packing so nice who can resist!!

  7. Welcome October 2012.Congrats to Wendy, Charmaine, Jenica, Charlotte(bebesmokey) and Sherry for winning the Benefit “b.right! Introductory Kit” with great comments about loving Benefit Cosmetics.Kindly pm me your address for the cutie kit collection.Thank You!