Sunday, July 15, 2012

SKIN FORMULATION : Products Review

SKIN FORMULATION invites me to experience 3 major characteristic of 'Natural, Environmental Friendly and Effective'  products.I totally believes in its promise as after a month of trial products listed below, I have achieved smooth, radiant & and youthful skin just like the other satisfied customers.And I would like to thank Wendy Pua for being so persistent in inviting me to come for the great experience as I missed the first Bloggers session due to my hectic schedules.But she invited me again for the second time & I'm glad I finally made it this time after a few adjustments that Saturday.

Remover Cleansing Gel RM117

I have clean, smooth skin after cleansing with this 2 in-1 gel type cleanser dual-usage/remover by using just one product.Saved so much time.As a makeup remover, this cleansing gel is able to remove thick foundation, mascara and other makeup easily.As a cleanser, it removes residue on skin that can’t be seen with my naked eyes.It's a healthy & smooth clean after using it.

Application : It's suitable for all skin type.
1. Make – up remover
With dry face and hand, pump appropriate amount and slowly massage face in circular movement until make up is fully removed.

2. Cleanser
With damp face, apply appropriate amount and massage face in circular movement.After cleanse, rinse off with clear water.

Application : It's suitable for all skin type.

Normalizing Lotion RM100

This Skin Formulation Normalizing Lotion gives suppleness and hydration to  my skin where it allows my skin to absorb moisture into the deeper layer of my skin all because of its small particles that is able to restore water balance in my skin throughout the day.

Application : Suitable for all skin type.
With clean face, pump appropriate amount of Normalizing Lotion on facial cotton pad and wipe gently into the whole face.Then pat it dry till it fully absorb into the skin.For those acne skin to ease the swells, pump Normalizing Lotion onto facial cotton pad and place them on squeezed pimple for 10–15 minutes before applying the pimple cream.

 Bulgaria Rose Water RM100 

This pure natural Bulgaria Rose Water has sweet rose fragrance, very pleasant smell that calms my stressed & dehydrated skin at times when I needed it so much especially during the hot summer season.This Rose Water came from the roses that are placed into the distillation pot and formed from essential oil extraction.A pampering spray of beauty, I loved it!

Application : Suitable for all skin type
On a clean face, pour appropriate amount on the cotton pad and gently rub all over the whole face.For me, I love to spray it all over my face even with make up on or anytime of the day to keep my skin moisturised.For users who love rose scent can use Bulgaria Rose Water as perfume for the face and body as well.

This is the latest promotion Skin Formulation is promoting right now.For more infos, you can check it out at their Facebook page or you would like to sample their skincare products or register as a member for better promotions, you can always contact


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