Tuesday, August 21, 2012

COLLISTAR Anticellulite Cryo Gel Review

Collistar, the leader of perfumery in Italy is my favourite brand among all the brands to maintain a perfect silhouette for many years already. One of the fact on why I loved Collistar so much is the result proven by its most advanced dermatological in cosmetic research, formulated accurately and scientifically under carefully tested and strictest quality controls. And I love Collistar innovative innovation both in their formulation and in their easy to use packaging esp. it's in green, my favourite colour.

Cellulite is the accumulation of excess fat pressing against tissue under the skin. It is caused by the result of unhealthy lifestyles for long periods, leading to storage of fat and toxic compounds, aging stress or hormonal birth control therapy. It looks like dimpled skin raised and puckered in the form of orange peel skin.

It is women's enemy and so I used the Collistar Anti Cellulite Cryo Gel as the cellulite buster to prevent it from spreading to other parts of my body. It must be controlled every now and then or it would spread to longer, uglier and deeper cellulite.

Collistar Anti Cellulite Cryo Gel  is an innovative product which uses the synergy of cryocosmetics and aromatherapy(the love of my life therapy) to fight cellulite. It combines the aromatherapeutic effects of pure essential oils with the efficacy of a highly advanced formula boosted by the action of cold which stimulating the microcirculation. I loved the cooling sensation that I can feel it's working deep into my cellulite areas by the active ingredients.

The Anti cellulite action formula uses the extraordinary properties of green coffee extract which is rich in caffeine and chlorogenic acid, a substance with great draining power which controls the stagnation of excess fluids like cellulite. I never forget to use it everyday after my spa bath because the blend of exclusive mix of essential oils aroma that pleasantly stimulating a fresh and positive influence on my mind. I felt so reviving and rejuvenating all over my body, mind and soul. A total bliss of pampering before my peaceful, blissful sleep.

How to use : 
Apply the gel to the cellulite areas using upward, stroking movements. For best results, the treatment should begin with daily am and pm application. To boost and accelerate better results of the treatment, I used the Talasso Scrub which is the exfoliating salts for massaging onto the body before showering, just to smooth up the skin and make it more receptive to subsequent treatments.

After my relaxing spa bath, Rambo asked me, "What smells so good?" I told him the secret lies in this Collistar  Thermoactive Talasso Scrub, another reshaping treatment that's not only smell so refreshing from Lavender and Rosemary essences but it also smoothen my skin to baby soft skin. Haha...try it to believe it!

Collistar Anti-cellulite Combo set Free Gift : Intensive Firming Cream 100ml.

Collistar is the leader of the Italian cosmetics market, exclusively available at Sa Sa Malaysia. Collistar Anti-cellulite Combo set is now available with 5 different anti cellulite strategy , each set comes with 1 Free gift that is Intensive Firming Cream 100ml. Price ranges from RM180 – RM192. Another great news is you can get 2 sets now at only RM298For more information, check out Sa Sa Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SaSaMalaysia

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