Wednesday, August 29, 2012

SkinFood Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore + Ice Vita Line Event

Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line launch at Mines Shopping Mall

Skinfood under the motto of “Food that is Good for your Health is also Good for your skin” company, has just released two new line of skincare range called Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line and Facial Ice Vita line. 

Bloggers shot with Stephanie and Elaine, Pampering session before my shopping at Skin Food Mines 

I always thought that I don't need pore care line for my skin but as time goes by, due to ageing and dehydrated skin my pores become visible now. And I’m glad I made it that Saturday back from Penang for the 11am event at Mines after a 4 hours drive of safe journey.

I get to test and learn more about Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore line to keep my skin perfect with its iconic product called 'Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream' that smooth the pores away. To find out more on this range, you can check out from my last blog at

SKINFOOD Releases a New Line of Facial Ice Vita Range
It contains skin-beneficial fruits and vegetables known for their richness in vitamins A, B, C and E for fresh and revitalize skin.It also uses Alaskan Glacier Water with mildly alkaline pH, enriched with oxygen, minerals and ions.

This bestowed water with the finest resource for human kind – oxygen rich, clean and untouched with naturally occurring high alkalinity (ranging from 7.8-8.3 seasonally), Skin Food bring you world class wellness Facial Ice Vita that is called 'Nature’s Premium Water'. 

Facial Ice Vita Toner, 150ml/RM53.90

This ice toner is to cool down skin during summer heat, reduce morning swelling, and tighten enlarged pores with ice particles that immediately relieves heat sensations and skin dryness with fluffy cloud of icy sherbet infused with Alaska glacier water and vitamins.I love this toner so much the minute I tried it.

I was yelling softly, "So cold but I kinda like it a lot". Haha...I even bought it and use it everyday without failed. It's such a pampering toner that's keeping me cool and hydrated during hot summer day.

Facial Ice Vita Mist, 100ml/RM48.90 

An ultra fine facial mist that immediately cools, hydrates, and soothes hot, stressed skin with Vita A, B, C and E complex and Alaska glacier water.When Elaine spray this facial mist on me, I felt wet full of hydration water on my face but I didn't wipe it off. I pat it lightly and gently on my face.I felt hydrated with the facial mist. All of us actually laughed non-stop seeing our faces full of mist water.

Facial Ice Vita Cooling Stick/RM45.00 

An eye stick that provides hydration and cooling sensation with Alaska glacier water while revitalizing stressed, lifeless and puffy skin with a multivitamin complex. Another cooling product that I like so much because the moment Elaine tested it on my left eye, the cooling sensation actually revitalise my eye sense into a wake-up call. Jess even mentioned my eyes looked so big because it actually woke my eyes wide open. Haha...kinda fun and cool product I must say!

The icy range of Skinfood Facial Ice Vita actually cool my skin down especially in Malaysia’s humid weather. It also help to reduce morning swelling and tighten enlarged pores. I love this range of skincare because it provide the basic vitamins of A, B, C and E and Oxygen for my dehydrated skin and at the same time, I enjoy using this range with the cooling feeling. No regrets buying it.

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  1. I really need this! I have large pores T.T

  2. Dear Charmaine, I fully recommmend this for you then.It really works wonderfully!