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Beaubelle Swissceuticals - Reverse time with Beaubelle's Doctor Oxygen and Doctor Defendo

Beaubelle is the pioneer in providing holistic rejuvenation through health-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products and services for the harmony of body, mind and soul.
"BEAU means handsome man. BELLE means beautiful woman. 
Beaubelle gives body, mind and soul harmony with no gender bias."

The Brand Promise
Beaubelle promises holistic rejuvenation through the 4Rs Principles - Inspired from nature’s 4 seasons
Spring: Renew for Vitality and Hydration 
Summer: Revive for Qi Flow
Autumn: Rebalance for Purity
Winter: Relax for Peace and Calm

Beaubelle SwissCeuticals Media Event Launch at Bangsar.

Beaubelle  is the producer of high quality skin and body care products, which are researched and developed in Switzerland. Since its establishment in 1995, through its Advanced Dermocosmetic Research Centre in Switzerland, Beaubelle has become the pioneer and earned its leadership in holistic rejuvenation that has improved the quality and performance of its products. 

Supported by over 53 years of experience and expertise in perfecting the art of facial and body in the beauty, spa and wellness industry, Beaubelle  is committed to redefine holistic rejuvenation through healthy-giving, pampering and solution-oriented products and therapies. They do this through innovative embrace of nature and technology. Currently, Beaubelle has established its presence and advocated its expertise in 30 countries around the world.

From left: Julius Lim (CEO), Sandra Jane (Fitness Expert), Ruby Siah (Founder of Beaubelle) and Dr.Cyril (Professor)
Second photo: Rane, Sandra, Kim and Jacinta (myself)

Swissceuticals is the professional beauty industry’s first advanced free radicals scavenger cosmeceutical range that includes pharmaceutical grade natural ingredients utilizing stem cells and oxygenation technologies.Expect quick results with the precise efficacy similar to a doctor’s prescription minus the chemical-laden formulations found in most cosmeceutical skincare in the market.

After 3 years of intensive research, the Swissceuticals range is designed to counter the 3 main causes of skin aging - biological, environmental and mechanical. Biological aging is the result ofchanges, often genetically determined, that occur naturally within the body. Environmental aging occurs as a result of daily exposure to trillions of free radicals from a variety of sources: the UV rays, cigarette, pollution, smoke, harsh weather, and external stress. 

These free radicals damage the cell lipids, proteins, and DNA, all of which limit the ability of cells to function and cripple the integrity of overall cell composition. Years of accumulated environmental stress on cellular structures result in the premature aging of the skin. 

Beaubelle’s Swissceauticals is a gentle and safe line of skin care products that integrates the best of science with natural ingredients for the most effective result with 0% downtime. They have sourced only the finest, highest quality ingredients from all around the world and used them in optimum quantities. 

The range includes 2 revolutionary result-oriented skin loving products -Dr. Oxygen and Dr.Defendo. Stem cells are known for their fantastic healing  properties. In humans, animals and plants, stem cells have the magical ability to self-renew indefinitely and can potentially regenerate an entire organ from just a few cells.

Doctor Oxygen – Extraordinary Skin Repair Concentrate
Doctor Oxygen is a powerful antioxidant, moisturizing, detoxifying, pore and fine lines minimizing skin elixir that prevents and reverses the signs of ageing.The effectiveness of this unique skin repair concentrate lies in Beaubelle’s OxyQi technique, based on the ‘Qi’ life-force principle and a complex of botanical stem cells.Under normal circumstances, Doctor Oxygen increases oxygen consumption of cells by 12.1%. But in stressful conditions whereby cells are deprived of oxygen, this wonderful elixir can further  boost cellular vitality by 41.1%. In other words, Doctor Oxygen maintains the health of skin cells in good times and switches into power mode to protect them from damages in bad times, to give you brighter, rosier and translucent skin.

Beaubelle’s exclusive OxyQi is a complex of botanical stem cells with powerful oxygenating benefits.OxyQi stimulates a certain protein that has been linked to extended life span in humans and to cellular respiration. Key active ingredients include organically cultivated beech shoot extract from fresh young shoots that preserves the elasticity of the skin, thoroughly hydrates, improves tissue oxygenation and helps to prevent formation of wrinkles. Caffeine helps to detoxify the tissues, thus reducing skin puffiness and Vitamin A and E complex to maintain healthy skin through its antioxidant properties.

This fast absorbent skin elixir contains novel siliconic soft touch complex, a blend of spherical powders and elastomer which provides a uniquely silky feel and smooth sensation.Upon application, the elixir provides pore minimizing and fine line filing properties for that instant flawless look.

Recommended Application : 
Every morning and evening,  smooth it over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck and follow with Doctor Defendo for optimal result. Ooh la la, I really loved this Dr.Oxygen so much. Everytime I applied this serum, I took a long, deep breath inhaling it deep into my smell sense and the aroma instantly arouse my overall senses to perfection.And after applying it on my face, I feel so hydrating and soothing feeling all at once. I'm looking forward to use it everyday without failed. Haha...kinda obsessed with Dr.Oxygen now!  

Doctor Defendo – Phenomenal Skin Protect Cream
At the core of Doctor Defendo formula is Beaubelle’s exclusive PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex, which is based on the regenerative and healing powers of botanical stem cells. These all-natural, anti-ageing properties, including the vital energy of the botanical stem cells are harnessed to increase cell metabolism and to encourage your skin cells to renew, repair and regenerate so your skin glows with freshness and vitality. When some people are described as ‘full of life’, it is because of the life force emitted from their healthy skin.

PharmaCure Stem Cell Complex is an ultra powerful blend that helps improve and accelerate wound healing, skin repair and regeneration. It also protects your skin against water loss and damages due to free radicals. These combined actions reinforce the skin’s moiturization and barrier function. PharmaCure has very high antioxidant activity.

This lightweight cream also includes a healthy dose of multi-Vitaminic Blend of Vitamin A, Vitamin B3, Provitamin B5, Vitamin C and Vitamin E  for its antioxidant, moisturizing, soothing and stimulating virtues.A moisturizing blend of sodium Hyaluronate, Saccharide Isomerate and Red Algae provides water retaining and film-forming properties to deliver the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin such as suppleness, elasticity and tone, whilst offering soothing benefits. Designed to favour cell regeneration,  Shea  Butter provides softening, moisturizing and restructuring properties to delay skin ageing.

Recommended Application :
Every morning and evening,  smooth it over thoroughly cleansed,toned skin of face and after Dr.Oxygen. I like the rich creamy texture that actually lighten my wrinkles on my forehead, day by day. I concentrate on this two area as it really scares me a lot. Everytime I looked at the mirror, I can see the wrinkle lines getting deeper and longer due to my age.But after using it for a few days, I have total confidence in using both Dr.Oxygen and Dr.Defendo for long term beauty vanity. I'm satisfied with the products and I fully recommended it for everyone esp. for anti-ageing care.

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