Saturday, November 24, 2012

Animal Instinct

Animals have a 'knowing' when someone has a good heart through their vibrations and feel safe being close to that human. By, Thomas Barrett. I totally believe in this statement as I always believe that animal do have its own thinking and feelings too. You can see and feel their emotional feelings when they're feeling happy, excited or sad. 

My moment with the Alpacas at Ashburton NZ, tame and timid animals I feel comfortable feeding them.

In New Zealand, the only white Alpaca available at the Lavender Farm was so timid and shy but it came to me for food. There's a brown one who tried to eat the food but I told the brown one "You took a lot already, leave some for the white one." Ironically, the brown one step aside some space for the white one to come near me. 

To feed them, we need to pay NZDollar for the similar look-like dog food and although many people were around playing with the Alpacas, but not many of them were willing to buy the food to feed them because Malaysians tend to calculate RM vs. NZD at 2.5 times. It's really not much actually.

My moment with the Kangaroos. I love Kangaroos alot I don't know why besides the cute monkeys. How
I wish to keep one but I know it's not possible esp.the emotional attachment that I'm trying to escape from.

Recently I just shared with my old classmate friend SM on my Oz holiday when we talked about our travels, there's a mother kangaroo which hopped to me for food. And the cute part was that she had a baby kangaroo inside her tummy, so cute. 

At first she looked at me with her tired eyes, waiting for my response. I took out more food on my palm and let her enjoy the food. I dare not touch the baby although it look so cute. I just let the mother kangaroo finished all the food but she still stayed around me, just standing beside me quietly.

My moment with the big mommy horse, the pony beside was just following me while riding up to the high
mountain overlooking Samosir Island.

Haha...kangaroo is not so 'Yin Sat'(realistic), I thought she ‘habis’(finish) the food she'll cabut, 'Da Yin Jai Emm Yiu Wo Seong' but then she stayed quietly beside me till I left the farm with a heavy heart. I waved her goodbye, she's still following me. Maternal bond I guess. 

This is not the first time you know, I encountered many times the mothers of animals usually came very close to me. In Medan Lake Toba, I was riding a mother horse where the baby horse was also following me along the journey. So scary esp. along the high hills and the mother horse I was riding was huge man.

My moment with the lucky ducks that live in this peaceful Queenstown Lake, NZ. They came too close to me.  

I felt very fulfilling after feeding them food because seeing them eat under my palm seem so intimately close with them. I always believe that loving animals is just like loving humans. Just like my Mindy(ShihTzu Dog), she's like my baby I've loved all my life. Dogs esp., they're our very loyal friends. The way they looked at you, all paid up kinda feelings, it's really indescribable feeling deep inside of me. 

Even at Queenstown New Zealand where I bought some breads for the ducks at the lake, they all ran too close to me I was shouting, "No, don't come so near to me". Haha...even the New Zealanders around me laughing out loud seeing me running away from them and yet, they were still following so close to me. Ducks are kinda stubborn, tak faham bahasa(don't understand) I guess.

My moment with the talented baby elephant that performed a good show at Pattaya, Thailand. 

It's really fun, a fulfilling experience for me where Rambo did mentioned to me that everytime he looked at these photos, he can feel that I enjoy feeding them food. It is so, so true. I cannot describe how I felt deep within me but I know it's meaningful to me and I'm so overjoyed just feeding them food. 

Not forgetting the baby elephant at Pattaya Thailand, when I fed him the banana he looked very happy. Haha...I hope to feed more animals, feeling that kinda exhilarating adrenaline rush back again. It's like one of my favourite hobbies now...haha. I like seeing them happy and full with food, just like myself I'm really happy when I'm full with yummy food. 

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