Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Avon New Fragrance – City Rush Eau De Parfum

For the Love of Reinventing the Runway with Avon Malaysia. 

Avon introduced its new range of fragrance, City Rush Eau De Parfum at Luna Bar,Pacific Regency Hotel Apartment overseeing KL City’s magnificent skyscrapers which suited the theme of the launch. Carolyn Nur Amira Lee, Managing Director of Avon Malaysia said, “As the company for women, we’re all about empowering women through vast earning opportunities, promoting independence, providing financial assistance ,instilling confidence and a higher self-esteem.In short, we want to empower women to be the best they can be. Today, we bring to you yet another ‘vehicle’, Avon City Rush Fragrance that would aide you in unearthing your confidence and unique persona. Warm, sassy and carefree, you’ll feel so good that even the street-way becomes your runway!” 

The launch of the City Rush Fragrance.

At the height of the event, Scha made a special appearance and strut the runway elegantly with Avon City Rush Fragrance on hand to officiate the launch of the new fragrance.Aspalin Sirat, Avon’s Head of Marketing said, “Scha is a role model to many women out there.  Her confidence, independence and sophistication fit very well with the Avon City Rush Fragrance – she represents women who are empowering and rule their own runway. We are proud and delighted to have her as Avon Fragrance Ambassador in Malaysia.”  
AVON's Cover page Campaign 21, 2012

    Hosted by Naz, Malaysia’s Top Host, he announced Milla Jovovich(pronounced Mee-la Yo-vo-vich) as the stunning face of City Rush Fragrance for women. She is globally known as a model, actress, musician, and mother. Her fashion roots and philanthropic goals epitomize the stylish confidence of the City Rush woman. 

Shimmer theme at the launch of Avon City Rush Fragrance RM99 at Luna Bar. 

I love the sexy City Rush ambience that Monday night with glittery,  shimmer theme especially the cool runway built on top of the Luna Pool. The City Rush fragrance with floral oriental scent actually captures the essence of a metropolitan woman. I find that the scent is suitable for both women and men as I tried it on Rambo, he loved it so much and he's using it everyday till kering-kontang(dried up). Flaunt your gorgeous style with sleek plum, black dahlia and a touch of creamy woods lavishly during day or night spray, whenever you feels like using it. T

It was launched on the 1st November 2012 and it's available at all Beauty Boutiques around Malaysia. To get up close with Avon Malaysia, you can check their websites at and their Facebook page at

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