Monday, November 26, 2012

My Most Memorable X'mas Experience With My Dear Charmers

My most memorable X'mas experience with my dear Charmers! 

My most memorable and touching experience during Christmas is having traditional Christmas dinner with my family like usual with lots of X’mas specialties. All of us usually bought some special X’mas good food for a potluck party. Not forgetting exchanging X'mas presents all among us but the ‘Anugerah paling banyak hadiah jatuh kepada my dear Charmers' of course. Haha…they got so many presents from all of us until they got tired opening all of them but obviously they feel overjoyed with all the nice presents.

Our '4 Sekawan Tattoos' before all the makeups & X'mas party!

My memorable one is in 2011 where I taught my dear Charmers aged 5,9 & 10 to 1st apply skincare on their faces before any make-ups put on them, while guiding them the step-by step proper use of skincare and make-ups. They need to learn this basic knowledge even at the young age as they're performers for The Curve Mall Christmas celebrations. They know the importance of removing make-ups gently on their skin before double cleansing after a heavy make-ups for performances.

My family X'mas celebration with 'Let's put on the hats and light up the X'mas spirit!'

Haha... even those lip gloss they put on their lips, I taught them to remove it before they eat or kisses me. It's for their hygiene and health for lone term benefits anyway. Once I remember Hsuen(my 5th sister) came back demanded a kiss from Lynette who has tried on her new ‘Disney Lipgloss’ I bought from Germany, she wiped it off and kissed her. Then she asked me to apply for her again. Haha…she’s so sweet and a good follower because she really listened to my guidance so well although she was only 4 years old at that time. A brilliant girl indeed!

My dear Charmer LeAnne on one of The Curve Walkabout, giving out chocs and candies to kids.

In the spirit of giving during X'mas season, I even taught my dear Charmers to give out more chocolates and candies for the kids during their walkabout as angels at The Curve. Haha...and they did as I was following them I know how sweet and kind they treated the kids. As they're also helping the unfortunates for donation from the public, I gave her some donation money as part of her kind effort on duty that day. I am very proud of them not only during this good cause they're participating in but every week when I spend my time with them.They always make me laugh out loud and happy to be with them.
Our X'mas party kinda full of unstoppable laughters and cheers...

They performed a special X'mas carol to us where I taught them a ‘Spanish X'mas Carol - Feliz Navidad' to all. It turned out to be a great performance by 3 of them, they dressed up like angels from above. Everyone clapped for them and I'm especially very proud of them as they kept it as a secret from Nov-Dec 2011, practising secretly in my mom's bedroom. They're so cute, pretty and such talented souls I've loved all my life. They continue singing X'mas carols to celebrate X'mas 2011 before they got tired and sleep. I'm so grateful God has given 3 of them in my family, living in harmony!

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