Thursday, November 22, 2012

My new baby 'Toyota Prius C'

TOYOTA PRIUS C & LEXUS are my favourite brands in car but LEXUS was kinda late, I chose Toyota PRIUS liao. 
Haha..both are under the same technology but LEXUS is so-called the luxury brand but I prefer to pay less for 
the same good quality! Picture courtesy from 
True or False, The All-New Prius C is set to travel 972km, which allows the 
driver to travel from Singapore to Krabi, Thailand on 1 single tank. 

True, I would believe it as I have just shared with my friends that I've only pumped full tank of RM45 petrol at Petronas, I managed to travel to Cameron Highlands and back to KL, I still have fuel left. No need to pump 2xs of petrol that cost us RM120 (although paid by the co. but it's still money that can be saved for other purposes) during that few years back I drove Honda Jazz RM60x2 times petrol to Cameron Highlands itself. Such a big difference right.  

I told them, "Hybrid is the way to go for powerful driving with future savings" and  they're keen already to get the Toyota Hybrid Solutions too. Haha...the conversation about Hybrid car came to light when I shared with Kelly and Michelle that day I managed to get a parking spot just right in front of the lift nearby, so lucky I don't have to look for it because G Tower has allocated the parking space for 'Hybrid/Green Cars only'. And that's another good news for me as I only wanna park directly in front of the lift for safety purpose and lazy to walk far also.  

Toyota Hybrid is not just a fuel-saving technology but it's beautiful and clean for 
the environment.

 My Penang friend who asked me about Toyota Prius C also got so surprised when I told him that I only pumped RM30 for a full week of fuel consumption, travelling everyday and everywhere but still left fuel(2bars somemore). jealous he said because he can only dream of owning it. But I told him, "It's worth to drive this for long term use" as everyone knew I never invest in cars (depreciate in value) except this time for Toyota Prius C, I think it's worth every penny I invested in as I enjoyed driving it.

My new baby is quiet and very stable in fact. Even if I go 100, 120 kms per hour I don't feel a thing at all. I wish I can go more than that but I know I can’t be driving crazily in KL. There are too many potholes around KL, it can damage my car anytime and ‘memalukan saya’ now that I’m telling people around the world about the bad KL road conditions but that's the truth you see. Anyway, it was a  smooth drive with Toyota Prius C because I never feel boring driving it and most importantly, it’s quiet yet a powerful car for me. I don’t like cars that goes loud for power, kinda irritating to me. 

The Prius comes with a First belt-less Toyota engine.

And everywhere I go people are actually staring at me and my car, not that I’m enjoying the limelight as I prefer to be in low profile but because not many have seen this car model yet. I heard people been talking about it when I passed them, “What car is that, seems cool?” And just yesterday when I went into my car, there was this lady asking me, “What car is this? Very flashy car!” 

"It’s Toyota Prius C”, I replied her. Then I drove back home sweet home safely with a big smile. I'm very satisfied indeed. And I have many enquiries on my new baby on the engine part, the price factor, maintenance and where to buy it like I'm the car saleslady pulak. Haha...but I'm happy to reply all of them as it's really a new Hybrid thing for many in Malaysia but not for the Japanese.  

To join going Eco Green with me, you can check out their Facebook page at or Toyota Malaysia at


  1. Hi there, Jacinta! I'm so happy to know how contented you are with Toyota Prius. Well, I must say that most of the Prius drivers have good testimonies with this car. It is a good car to drive because aside from being an eco-friendly, it also has a very competitive driving efficiency.

    Mae Weitz

    1. Hi Mae, totally agreed with you. No regrets so far and I'm loving it every moment!

  2. I'm also fond of this car. I think the reason why it's safe to drive is that it is made with light materials and it also has a compact size. It is a good car to drive around the city. And what I love about Hybrid is the least expectation with the maintenance.

    Basil Glenn

    1. Totally agreed with you. Hybrid is easy to maintain, that's for sure!

  3. “...everywhere I go people are actually staring at me and my car...”— That makes the two of us, Jacinta! I just had my new baby last week and you can imagine my pride when I parked it in front of the mall; they ARE staring at my car! And up to now, I still get the same response as I had, and I must say I am enjoying every single moment of it — with the driving, of course! Haha!

    Stelle Courney

    1. Haha...That's great.I prefer to keep low profile but I guess it's difficult because the car is so flashy with its colour and the design of the car is really cool as well!