Tuesday, August 9, 2016

AZZURRO, The Italian Cafe At Pavilion Shopping Mall

This is one of the new, latest Italian cafe that I have tried this year in Pavilion called the Azzurro. Used to be
the Crabtree & Evelyn counter but they moved up to 4th Floor liao. I always wana visit this Italian Cafe since
last year when it was opened but no chance at all and I need to rush for other events in other places in a day.

That evening I came for this as I just had my dinner so full liao, I needed a place to chill for a cup of coffee
and suddenly I was craving for ice-cream pulak. Looking at the menu, they also have Gelato and so I ordered
both the Strawberry Gelato and finally chose the 'Mucaccino' after racking my brain hard to figuring it out.
I mean, out from the '50 Italia Boleh' ways to enjoy a cup of fine Italian Coffee I finally chose this. Even then, I
still have 10 coffee choices I wish to try from 50 as the rest 40 I have tried it already from my many travel from
around the world during my dining pleasure. But I was too full liao, I can only drown myself with these 2 today.
The Gelato is so-so only. In fact, I've tried many Gelato from Italy and never fancy taking it most of the time.
But I promised myself that I would visit Azzurro Italian Cafe & Kitchen again for other choices and their food
soon. The ambience is cool, feels like I'm back to Italy again and I enjoyed the coffee too as it's not sweet with
hot milk served for me separately where I can add as much as I want. The service was good and it's cheaper to
dine here than in Italy. Haha...We should support the Malaysia economy rather than spending it in overseas!

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