Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Health, Beauty & Wellness Updates 2016

My Evergreen Love Blog needs no introduction now wherever I go for health, beauty and wellness events. Just like the last Aeon Wellness health related event, I was out of namecard when a new staff asked for it but the senior staff told her she had my details & they actually called me personally to invite me to confirm my attendance. I invested a lot of money on health, beauty & wellness products with my own money to be the guinea pig to confirm the authenticity & efficacy of the health products before I can share any good news or amazing great products like 'Tuo Ma Lin'/Tourmaline, Moringa, Marula etc.  with my family and friends. 

Health is the ultimate wealth of all, it cannot be bought with money solely only but need to be cultivated with every careful steps to achieve it. Negative ions cannot be seen through your naked eyes but it can be absorbed through into our body naturally after using it day till night for its great health benefits. I always trust 'Made In Japan' technology for years already, getting myself involved in Japanese technology & manufacturing industry for years with my hubby and have travelled around the world exploring about it for many times just to keep in track with the latest technology so I knew its amazing existence benefits for sure. Super duper loving it, feeling fantastic about it too. Haha...Now I have a new list of healthy products to buy!

Just last few months ago, Jamie has been trying to fix a good date with me so that we can meet up for a gathering at Sojourn Spa for 2 days 1 night stay as she said we need 2 days at least to chat. Sometimes she has fixed it at Ossoto Spa for 6 hours but then she said sure not enough time for us to chat one. Haha...Even Carrie T said that to me when we met last March 2016, we both need at least a whole day or going for travel again. Jamie got hospitalised last month in July when we were supposed to meet for a spa session due to serious Gastric problem that she couldn't even breathe. So no choice, kena tortured she told me yesterday and really painful till dying feeling like that. More to blog about health, beauty & wellness, stay tuned!

I totally understand her feelings about it and reminded her to get the Cellfood through online shopping from USA link asap. Wealth can only be achieved through eating well, taking extra good care of our wellbeing by staying stress-free everyday and uplifting our spirit of body, mind and soul positively. She cannot go on stressing herself with too much pressure burden on her shoulder thinking about achieving goals only everyday. I know money is important and to gain that kinda money for her shopping on all these healthy products worth RM5000 to RM20,000 to be the AM for more discounts but before achieving that golden dreams of hers, she needs to be healthy inside out 1st before she can 'Ganbatte' further for other things.

After she got out from the hospital, now she got totally hooked with this Japanese health products even more and I'm willing to meet up with her for the health event as well as I prefer to have a gathering with a good purpose - Learn more from the health experts. I always like to attend health, beauty and wellness events to get myself updated with the latest news and technology about health be it through science, medical or holistic approach. And I really don't mind if the company invited me for their events are MLM Direct Selling companies, Organic companies or Pharmacies as I'm not just having an 'Open Book' personality kinda lady, I'm also open-minded to learn more before I can share health benefits with people from all around the world.

My email and Facebook sometimes blasted with enquiries about Cellfood health benefits and "Where to buy?" that got me so busy replying them how to get it for them asap. I'm happy to do it willingly and sincerely because at the end of the day, I knew I have did my very best to help people to stay healthy and happy. I feel so accomplished not because I get to earn anything from them or money but I have cultivated good deeds for myself so I can live healthy and happy too. I can live joyfully and gleefully naturally with no pain, no sick and no illness, I'm very thankful and grateful to Amituofo and Guan Yin already. "It's an extra bonus liao," I told Rambo that and he totally agreed with me 100% by keeping himself healthy and happy always.