Friday, August 26, 2016

Sharing Is Giving, Caring and Loving But Never Ever Take It For Granted

Scenario 1: 
P1: I just started my own natural soap business, let me know when we're meeting again I wana let you try my products.
Jac: Need to blog ka?
P1: Oh no need, no need. I just wana give it to you as a present.
Jac: Ok, thanks.
Scenario 2: 
P2: I have started this new skincare business, see when are you free I wana let you try the signature mask.
Jac: Need to blog ka?
P2: No need, just try it and if you love it help me share only.
Jac: Ok, thanks.
There are many other scenarios here and there, day by days while the world is turning, the time is ticking and sun is burning, I will sure ask "Need to blog ka?" Haha...I need to ask as I feel obliged and obligated if you present me any gifts and I need to blog about it, I may not have the time to blog for you. But I can only assure you if the products are good, I will share it with my family, friends and Evergreen Love Blog when I have the time to do so. Haha...We all love to share good things every now and then, everyday and every moments in our lives. At the end of the day, the money and rewards that they have gained will remained as theirs.
I will not brand myself as an Influencer but whatever good products in town that I shared and have generated great income/returns for them like Loccitane with thousands of dollars after my bestie bought everything that I shared with her, Estee Lauder and SK2 also thousands if not a few hundred dollars minimum, properties that cost few hundred thousands or million dollar, local hotel stays cost RM700 per night, Thailand holidays, Europe and Taiwan tours also I never ask for commission and getting any credits for it. But don't take things for granted, appreciate just like Loccitane sometimes asked for my help to share, I told them I only share on my FB but no time to post it on Instagram, they appreciate it as I never spend much time on Instagram, it's only for my life updates.
Sharing is giving, caring and loving. What you share esp. good things will attract good things and good vibes to you naturally, eventually. I'm not calculative but doesn't mean you can take things for granted. Only when you need me to support for charities, buy tickets for this and that exclusive events only you pm me and invited me, I will not appreciate that kinda invitations. I need genuine friends who constantly pm me for chats, jokes, spa, updates each other on current news and stories. Friends with benefits are total No-No to me and I never welcome that kinda friends in my circle of life. Thanks Buddhism - Path To Peace nice pictures for this blog sharing.
I appreciate friends who like my pictures, Instagram but I sincerely apologised to them if I cannot return the same favour including my dear Charmers YS, Lynette and LeAnne who sometimes asked "Did U see my Insta today?" and I was like, "Take my iphone, like whatever pictures on your Insta as you know I don't play iphone except to reply messages." Haha...That's life to me, I prefer to have contact face-to-face and laugh out loud together when we meet for a chat. Appreciate 'Gan En' all the time for being alive and still living happily lively today, appreciate everyone even the young ones as they're growing up and you will grow old too one day so be kind to them today as you never know you may need their help also one day. C'est la vie! 

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