Monday, August 1, 2016

Philip Wain International FRX D-White Divine Perfector Facial Treatment Review

Haha...I finally managed to come for Philip Wain's latest facial pampering in July after having to postpone it since May 2016. I was so busy with many Summer projects for due completion and thank God I managed to slot in this beautiful spa journey to complete my July beauty diary after attending a beauty event. I went for a change, resting at the private lounge before been called to enter their comfy room for a facial haven.

This radiant whitening treatment is consist the usage of a fantastic combo combination using the Fractional RF Machine technology and exclusive i-firm D-White Treatment products for better, deeper penetration to inner layer skin so that we can see the immediate result right away after the 2 hours intensive treatment. The Made from Korea machine is using FOCUS RF technique where the RF energy are separated into 64 parts and delivers directly into the deeper skin to stimulates collagen with a warming, comforting sensation on my skin. 

The i-Firm D-White Treatment Box contains high level of Oxygen and Nutrition for collagen boosting to inner skin layer which I really needed desperately for my dehydrated, aging skin and Hui Yi completed it with a relaxing massage as well. I feel so relaxed during the 2 hours relaxing treatment as Hui Yi managed to take a slow stroll in cleansing my skin thoroughly, massaging my skin with the skin nutrients from treatment box and make me feel so pampered like a Queen with her professional beauty skills. I liked her gentle touch on me that's for sure. 

After the exquisite pampering that cost RM980 for this wonderful treatment, I can the obvious radiant skin on my happy face naturally. I find that my both cheeks were lifted up firmly with a clear V-shaped face too. The pampering session was so good I actually fell asleep during the 20 minutes leave-on mask period. I enjoyed my short nap there for awhile and Hui Yi came back to complete the treatment for me immediately after that.

Tanky was nice to serve me this Philip Wain International Daily Dessert and so we had a chat while enjoying the 'Tong Shui' together delightfully. If you wish to enjoy this new Whitening facial pampering at Philip Wain under Jacinta's readers for RM168 1st trial, you can register a place at as it's only limited for the 1st 10 New Female customer aged 21 years old and above that's going to expire 1 month starting from today. Enjoy your spa here, always find some ways to love your body and taking good care of your beauty as it can be revealed deeply from the inner to outer beauty naturally and sensationally.

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