Thursday, August 25, 2016

My Wonderful, Colourful Furry Pom Poms

Everywhere I go now, be it the women, young girls or sales associates would comment that they loved my
wonderful, colourful bagcharms. Haha...The last time I told Ju Li about the famous Fendi Pom Pom that 
cost RM1500 and above, she also think it's not worth it to spend so much money for a bagcharm. It's now
even more 'Lei Pou', over-price tagging it at RM3000+, might as well you buy a handbag with the money.
The 1st time I bought this Pink Bagcharm from South Africa at RM30+, I considered it to be expensive liao esp.
for Rambo because he's dealing in the manufacturing industry for so long and he's always been send to
China, Japan & USA for most-updated training in costing directly by the ex-Honda QA Head so he can be 
judgemental about the cost. My sister bought a branded handbag that cost thousands of dollars with 50%
that I saw too but I didn't buy it, he also examined the fabric and told us the cost after judging us women.

To him, obviously everything is about cost, budget and expensive. Haha...But I told my sister Defney it's fine
to get that bag esp. with 50% discounts, where to get? Sometimes JPO or Freeport also you cannot find lah,
unlike in overseas premium outlet like Hokkaido, Japan after giving 50% they also gave me an extra 20% VIP
card for the 1st come 1st serve basis visitors then I would buy. Buying branded things, you need to be 'Kiasu'
for your own good sake. Like the Singaporeans said, it's through living to be kiamsiap only you can get rich.
Buying Pom Poms are not cheap esp. when the trend is so in-trend, the shops charging exorbitant charges
like RM150 and above for those good ones. Sometimes they even charged so high saying it's the real Rabbit
fur which I try not to buy as to spare the animal killings. I feel really bad about it when I told my dear LeAnne
and she consoled me that the Pink Pom Pom is not Rabbit fur that's for sure. Haha...I'm so glad my dear girls
are growing up where I can share many things with them nowadays. Even Ying Shan made a green one for me.

Lynette got her colourful esp. Purple Pom Poms through her great effort in her study hard+smart to get 1st
place in her 'Zing Ying' Class, LeAnne told me she wana steals one of my pretty pom poms and Ying Shan
can make her own colourful pom poms as she's talented in art and crafts. I'm doing my best not to over-spend
to buy too many from online, shops and shopping malls but sometimes I got so tempted like a child who
couldn't resist the temptations to buy and add my Pom Poms collection. It's an illness I must try to cure it asap! 

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