Monday, December 17, 2012

Alexander Shorokhoff 20th Anniversary Media Event

The life of Alexander Shorokhov is a true German-Russian success story. Leaving behind his home country during a time of turmoil and change, the young engineer and manager moved to Frankfurt in 1991, quickly to set out on a new career path as an entrepreneur. 

The set-up of a retail organization for the well-known Russian watch brand “Poljot” was his first step into the fascinating world of upscale watches. But soon, marketing and selling these luxurious timepieces was not enough of a challenge for Shorokhov’s creative mind any more. He came up with one idea after another, driven by the urge to design. So there was no way he could have limited himself to path initially chosen.

Consequently, Shorokhov set out to hire the best watchmakers and furthered his talent for design, all the while trusting bravely and confidently in his entrepreneurial talent. In 1994, he launched his first own collection, “Poljot-International”.   

The market was ready to welcome his HERITAGE collection, and “Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur” quickly made a name for itself on the international scene. The year of the 20th anniversary of the manufactory is a year of innovation, marked by the launch of the new AVANTGARDE collection. 

Alexander Shorokhov has developed a design language and colour scheme that is unparalleled in the watch market, 'AVANTGARDE' is young, provocative and a little crazy. Just like any 20-year old, “Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur” is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a presentation of new watches from the AVANTGARDE collection at Baselworld 2012.

Background information on “Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur” -  “Handcrafted Obsessions”. Founded in 1994 by entrepreneur and designer Alexander Shorokhov, “Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur” produces premium time-pieces, made by expert watchmakers, these works of art meet the most stringent requirements with regard to quality and craftsmanship.  

Alexander Shorokhoff Uhrenmanufaktur” produces and sells two lines, the formal and elegant 'HERITAGE' collection as well as the young and innovative 'AVANTGARDE' collection. Both ranges are frequently complemented by new models. Moreover, there are limited editions and custom-made pieces.

When Xavier invited me for this event, I saw the watch on the cover page that got me obsessed for awhile. I love collecting watches, used to spend a lot of money and received many luxury watches gifts too. I'll check on the watches collection soon when I'm free then, because that day when I attended this event, I gotta rush home. To get update with Alexander Shorokhoff details, check out or their Facebook page at  

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