Friday, December 7, 2012

XALF Design Launch Party at Bentley Gallery

The official launch of XALF Design.

The makers of XALF, a bespoke online footwear label, have released Xpression to its ranks in the shape of customisable heels for the well-heeled modern woman. To celebrate its launch, a sophisticated soiree heralded the label’s debut. Held at the jazz-infused setting of Bentley Gallery, Pavilion KL, it proved to be the appropriate venue for such a joyous occasion.

Bringing guests further into the world of Xpression, Xavier the founder himself also introduced designer Alfred Hor, who thanked everyone for coming. He gave his take on the thought process that went into crafting each unique made-to-order peep-toe, strappy heel and sky-high platforms. First-of-its-kind heels are also interchangeable and one can determine the accessories to be placed on the heel counters.

The models parading the shoes, I kinda fall in love with some of the designs myself.

The interesting aspect of home-grown label XALF Design comes courtesy of a virtual boutique that offers customisation options catering to every whim and fancy. Classic looks are recreated with a modern touch, and they individually exude an appreciation for heritage and attention to detail.

Each Xpression creation is specially designed and accessorised according to the preference of your own at this website or give them a call for an appointment. “Our personalised service will ensure that you get impeccable vintage craftsmanship (with genuine calfskin leather) and high-society aesthetics for a perfect fit that is yours alone. This is our proudest creation yet.”

The XALF Design shoes that got me hooked for awhile...

When  Xavier invited me to like XALF Design  , I checked to see what is it all about. I saw shoes, something that got me hooked for more designs or pictures of XALF. And at 1st glance, I kinda like those sexy shoes I’ve seen and quickly commented  on it. You can check it out at or their Facebook page at

I arrived at the launch with designer shoes that everyone been asking me about it but tonite is all about
XALF Design. time we'll talk about it!

I lost count how many shoes I had because over the years, I bought so many sexy and  sophisticated shoes I totally lost count how many I had. I have given out many yet I still left many more pairs at home. Rambo has been telling me that I have no more space to store in new shoes. So most of the times, I have to give out to others and since most of my family members and friends been eyeing for my shoes, I find it's good to give it to them. My friend always plead, “Please, please give me.”Haha…Yea, she's very excited about it esp. if the size was right for her then she go head over heels in love with my shoes. I still have the soft spot for shoes shopping no matter how strong my character can be.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about your designer shoes !

  2. Haha, will update U on that once I can find the time+chance to blog about it!