Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Skinfood The Mines Relaunch

The relaunch of The Mines Skinfood, glad to be part of it.

Skinfood introduces a fresh new look to Skinfood, The Mines based on traditional provincial European grocery shops. Customers can now enjoy this unique shopping experience at L2-65, 2nd Floor, The Mines with more than 1000 skincare and makeup items for your skin.

The new concept with a video just like the one I saw in Korea, very updated.

Brand Story SKINFOOD has always understood that food is the key to providing good nutrition to both your body and skin. Since time immemorial, food ingredients have been used by all cultures for treating skin ailments as well as beautify skin. The fact that Cleopatra used to bath in milk to improve her skin has become so ingrained as beauty treatment that Skinfood adapted to this concept.

As SKINFOOD expands further into the international market, captivating skincare users from around the globe, you will continue to find beauty products containing nutritious ingredients derived from natural foods, all in a comfortable and stylish environment with a pleasing ambiance that reflects Skinfood’s concepts.

The tempting Winter Watery Berry collection on display, very nicely done.

At SKINFOOD, you will find a remarkable variety of skincare and makeup products that caters to every user’s specific needs, and are pride in meeting these requirements. They do this for a simple reason that they care for your skin. They are not only take great care in formulating good skincare and makeup items for our customers, but also ensure that they are packed in lovely bottles to maintains its freshness.  

The 'All-New Holiday Treats' I've been waiting for, I'm using and loving it so much!

 The key in utilizing the goodness of food for beauty lies in the technology that is used to process the nutrients along with the formulations by Skinfood Research and Development team. One of the major drives of delivering food nutrition to skin is nano technology where the nutrients molecules from food can be reduced significantly for effective absorption. They have the best combination of both mother nature and science. 

My shopping haul on the Relaunch day, not enough.I'm waiting for more to grab after X'mas! 

Skinfood's Lavender Tea Salt Mask foam contains Himalayan Salt infuse with Lavender extracts that's not only calms my senses with its heavenly Lavender aroma but also leaves my skin clean, hydrated and silky smooth like a baby skin. Both Evelyn and I got the same products and we both loved it so much. Haha…we go crazy over Skinfood products sharing like there is no tomorrow.

I wish to buy more that day but the rules of the shopping is that I need to wait for the special product on that particular day. And I always love to buy only a few items at one time so will grab a few more items later this week for more beauty pampering time. I have the list already of the items I wanted to buy, just gotta be patient about it. C ya all in 2013, more reviews coming! 

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