Saturday, December 15, 2012

Marie Claire Bestie Shopping Trip

We're on the way to JB now. I miss JB so much!

“Thank you for the wonderful shopping trip in JB. Both Eu Keng and I really enjoyed the trip so much as we had a great time shopping in JPO, complimentary food at the hotel not forgetting how thoughtful the sandwich refreshments you got ready for us on Friday morning and exciting movies(The devil wears Prada & Sex and the city) for us to kill the travelling time.

We are grateful for everything. Hope to join more great events by Marie Claire magazine. I told everyone MC Mag really did a good job in arranging this kind of shopping trip and most importantly, we are safely back home sweet home. C ya next time :)” (My TQ letter to Marie Claire magazine for both Eu Keng and I)

We enjoyed the shopping at Johor Premium Outlet, JB for hours... 

‘Thanks to Marie Claire magazine for this wonderful shopping trip in JPO. We enjoyed the trip so much with great shopping bargains, good food, fun movies that made us laughed a lot, nice goodies bags for us, delicious sandwiches and luxury stay at Pulai Spring Resort. We are grateful for everything you have arranged for us and we’re looking forward to join you more in the future events. Keep up the good work, Bravo Bravo!’

When my friends saw my appreciation comment on Marie Claire Facebook page, they pm me congratulating me for winning the watch based on the photo and description by MC Mag but I honestly explained to them we didn’t win the Solvil et Titus watches. Haha…and even at Female Cover Model Search party, they still talked about the JPO event I went and asked many questions about it. It was an interesting and fascinating trip indeed.

Fun pewter making session at the Royal Selangor, School of Hard Knocks.

I told them if they really love shopping and looking for a good bargain for branded stuffs, plan one trip there. If I can find things that I loved during this trip, it must be a great deal because I don't simply splurge anymore like before. Although a few friends told me nothing much here but I send good thought that I would find something that I like here. 

And guess what, I enjoyed shopping here with my bestie Eu Keng, with her sis Eunice and mom. All of us bought handbags that we loved after 60% discounts. I also bought a Polo Ralph Lauren Silk Dress(RM3740) and a DKNY Silk Dress(RM899) after much persuasion from both of them because it's totally worth the price after 90% discounts. Both dresses are still in good condition, new and the only S size that's left.  

Happy being together on this shopping trip. 

We had great fun dining, shopping and chatting non-stop like a family. It’s so called the Lim Family Gathering at 'Lim's property Pulai Spring Resort' (I found out from the malay staff who works there during our shopping time). 

It’s just that I never use Lim in my name although I’ve been raised(my mom is Lim), 'manja' (pampered by my uncle Lim) and finally married to the Lim(Rambo Lim) also after all these years. I told my sister Defney we should stick to Chong, our own surname no matter how happily married we are.

At last, we decided on Oroton brand after a few hours shopping.

Many asked me to show to them what I bought and even before the trip, Kelly already asked me if I would buy anything from JPO. I told her, ”Yes, provided the goods are discounted up to 50% and above then I’ll surely ‘Lap Fo’." 

Haha…I got my limited edition branded handbag that I’ve been eyeing for since CNY 2012 at Gardens Mall. I’m actually very fussy in buying branded handbags esp.those limited edition that are very limited and cost thousand of dollars.

The captivating view of a world-class Golf Course from the huge swimming pool. 

Now I really make sure that I loved it then I'll buy it and will use it till I get bored. In Paris LV, I went in without having to queue up like many have complained about, I didn’t managed to get one that I really like. The designs were almost the same like the old designs I had before and I tend to keep those old ones, I have no interest to use it anymore. I love new bags, I can't help it :) 

It's fated this limited edition Oroton No.88/100 that I've been eyeing for since CNY 2012 is mine now.

There’s one in Germany LV that I like, it’s limited edition with tax return of 12% and Rambo was very happy I finally found one that I liked but I didn’t buy it too. Haha…I told him I rather he gave me the cash I can buy other things than buying this. 

Weird, I know. Sometime I see mood one or I called it 'Yuen Fen'(fate). I believe in destiny lies in my own hands, Feng Shui to enhance better luck and doing good deeds will bring good Karma. That's life, c'est la vie!


  1. I'm back from my vacation & went outlet shopping in Tokyo too. Bought a lot of stuff when I visited the outlets in Seoul, but not in Tokyo :<

    I love Burberry & bought some stuff at the Burberry Blue Label in Tokyo. The red bag looks very pretty, but I've not heard of the brand. Is it American?

  2. Oroton brand comes from Australia. This Red Oroton is full leather with furry and shimmer glitter at the front side. It's available in Gardens Mall, Pavilion Mall in Malaysia.

    Yea, I'm supposed to go Hokkaido last week but due to policy meeting in Bangkok, I reschedule it to next year 2013. I'm sure U have a great shopping in Japan as I did in my last trip to Tokyo!

  3. wow nice trip and nice haul, so far never been to JB.

  4. Haha...Yea, nice trip.U should plan one trip there then!