Wednesday, July 27, 2016

REALASH Eye Beauty 4 Weeks Review - Part 2

Lash growth phase lasts approximately 30 days. Honestly, I really needed 4 weeks to be able to share the great result of this eye soul beauty review with you. REALASH advanced formula accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them from the roots itself, besides preventing it from falling out. In fact it's so true as I used to have eyelashes falling out most of the time. There's a saying if anyone misses us, we can see one or more eyelashes falling out. Believe it or not, it maybe an old saying but I will only believe it when I see it. 

REALASH Eyelash Serum: RM190

That day in Penang my friend said long time no see, miss me a lot esp. my laughing fever during our chats and that morning I really had 2 eyelashes falling out from my eyes. Aiyo, can go botak(bald) if go on like this because of this myth belief that turned out to be so true. Haha...I believe it after having to experience it so many times as in other cases which happened recently also during my Spring vacation etc. my dear Charmer was looking for me and that morning I really had one eyelash falling out. It's not very often that I would I have any eyelash falling out but it did sometimes, unlike hair fall which happened everyday when we go for our bath. I didn't rub my eyes but it fell out naturally. 

This eyelash serum didn't irritate my eyes with any allergy and it's very safe to use for daily usage. In fact I used it every night before I sleep. usually apply it on the upper eyelid at the roots of my eyelashes, very gently and slowly as I treasure my eyes very much. It's very easy to use with a quality brush that's soft to apply on my sensitive, delicate eyes. I can see that my eyelashes looked healthier and thicker that's for sure. When Sherry asked me got longer or not? I replied her honestly "Got longer a bit, but definitely can see the obvious result of having healthier and thicker eyelashes." Haha...It's good to keep on using it to maintain the health of our eyelashes in the long run I would say.

REALASH Eyebrow Conditioner: RM170

Do you know that the brow beauty is one of the most defined 'Feng Shui' good luck boosting feature for our face? During my 20's, I did my 1st eyebrow embroidery at one of the most famous eyebrow beauty salon in Malaysia. After completing that 1st beauty enhancement of my life where I told my bestie Jos it's painful, she dare not go for it anymore as she's supposed to go for that after my turn. In fact after all these years I have received many invitations from beauty salons and complimentary embroidery service with RM700 cash voucher presented to me by Gardens Club also, I didn't go for it as I never want to go for any painful beauty enhancement treatment kinda beauty aficionado. Free also I'm not interested, that's for sure.

But after my 1st eyebrow embroidery done on that fateful day, all my friends started to enquire more about it and they really went for it as it's so perfectly done by this famous artisan beauty and beautiful with wonderful result, they're willing to go for the pain. They told me it's painful but it's totally worth it. Haha...Like I always said, some people are willing to go for the pain in the gain for beauty, even under the knife or travelling to overseas paying loads of money also 'Sem Gem Meng Dai' for it as beauty means everything to them. I really salute my mom and many of my friends who can suffer and stand the temporary pain for the name of beauty. Just not for me, thank you!

This REALASH Brow conditioner with its advanced formula stimulates the natural growth of brows and improves the overall look. In fact it's so easy to use, I only apply it every night before I sleep and after 4 weeks, I can see that my eyebrows have become so natural looking fuller, thicker and healthier. Natural defined brows by only using this watery serum that easily absorbed around my eyebrow area. For more infos on REALASH products, check out

I rather keep on using this serum daily to have beautiful eyebrow that will somewhere, somehow enhanced the overall look of my face feature naturally. You only need to be hardworking in applying it everyday to achieve perfect eyebrows for a month. And sometimes during my lazy Sunday au natural pampering day, I only apply this brow conditioner to condition my eyebrows without any makeup also can make it looked perfect liao. Beauty can be easy as ABC and doing it the healthy way that's suitable for me, thanks REALASH!

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