Saturday, January 7, 2017

Bio Jourdeness PURE Lavender Essential Oil & Body Gel From Taiwan

Bio Jourdeness Pure Lavender Essential Oil cost RM268 is considered one of the pricey essential oil that's
pure and needed to blend with this PURE Body Gel and pampered luxuriously all over my body from top neck
 to bottom toe. The relaxing scent is really calming and soothing enough to calm my overall senses to perfection.
That's why I only use it at night after my hot bath, I had a good night sleep blissfully after enveloping myself
with it without failed every night. Anyhow, it's not the best essential oil I have owned so far, over the years.

This picture only featured a few of the brands I was using in 2016, Forever Living Lavender selling at RM98
is one of the best for me actually but it only contained 10 ml bottle whereby 2 months also finished using liao.
When it comes to quality control, I think I'm more fussy than Rambo as I always said quality comes 1st above
everything else, only then the price factor comes secondary and finally, I need it or not desperately. Haha...For
woman, wellness comes above everything esp. every month we're prone to get imbalance hormonal changes
so we need essential oil to balance our body, mind and soul to rest, relax, calm and soothing our overall auras.
I used to get Adonis 7 Chakra Essential Oils set that cost RM800+ which is totally worthy of my money. I'll
share more about the importance of maximising the use of essential oils with you next Feb so stay tuned ya!

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