Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Good Food Indulgence - The Coffee Club JungCeylon Mall, Phuket Thailand

This time of my Phuket Holiday in Thailand staying at Wyndham Sea Pearl Resort & Spa, I know that they provide free
shuttle service to JungCeylon Mall so I've planned to come over for my daily shopping & dining indulgence. I saw this
Coffee Club situated strategically right in front of the largest shopping mall in Phuket at the corner side on the way
here before they dropped us at another shopping building near Robinsons. It's huge, you need at least 1 or 2 days to fully
cover this huge shopping mall. But I told Rambo, let's go enjoy some lunch & good coffee 1st before going for shopping.

The 1st thing that caught my attention is definitely the coffee selection and I ordered
Affogato TB140 (RM16.80) obviously. The espresso coffee is the best of the best I ever
had in my 40 years of life. I never fancy taking bitter espresso like Rambo. He liked it
a lot but this time, I super duper loving it to the max I finished it all inside my tummy.
Haha...Rambo also enjoyed it but I ordered hot water for him as he's not feeling so
well, no Beer or cocktails for him until he fully recovered. It's totally worth the price.
I actually asked what's their coffee brand so I can buy it for my daily intake at home
but the waitress told me that they have many kinds of coffee beans which came from Indo,
Brazil, packed in Sydney Australia and freshly-brewed for us. No wonder I told Rambo!

In fact it was too good to be true, I actually visited The Coffee Club again the next day because it had left such a
memorable yummy coffee injected to my fussy tastebud, we're back everyday. Haha...I ordered the same Affogato
and the Mama Nasi Goreng that we missed on the 1st day. I ordered this Pad Thai wrongly liao because not only
it tasted too sweet to my liking of Pad Thai which was supposed to be spicy and yummy, the noodle was not fried
to perfection at all. Too bad for me, I only took one bite and let Rambo finished it for me. Haha...He also agreed
with me that this Pad Thai is not as yummy as those we usually ordered from Thai Restaurant around the world. 

But lucky I ordered the Thai Baked Eggs with Garlic Bread as Rambo loves taking Garlic Bread a lot. He can
eat the whole Garlic Bread given to him. This special Spanish-styled set comes with rich Tomato Pesto sauce,
perfectly baked eggs with lots of veges inside that's fulfilling and wholesome healthy for health conscious me. I
enjoyed it very much and Rambo totally agreed with me too because he wanted to order this again the next day.
This western dish costs more expensive at TB295 instead of the one with Pork at TB195, it's fine as long it tasted
yummylicious, it's totally worthy of it. I knew this cafe long time ago but I never get the chance to stop by at all.
You can order Burgers, Fish & Chips, Thai food, Salads, Spaghetti etc. but surely it's added with Thai infusion.
As you can see, JungCeylon is a huge shopping mall, you can find any food you like and dine here. You name it,
they have it actually but it's their superb coffee that attracted me so much into trying out their every meals here
& we enjoyed the many choices of food selection offered. Mostly, we ordered western but mixed with Thai flavour
they mix & match into their good food superbly. Just like this Mama Nasi Goreng that comes with one of the best fried
chicken that Rambo loved so much, he wanted to order again when we came for the last day in Phuket even we're so
full with buffet breakfast spread at Wyndham Resort. Haha...It's definitely delicious but pricey at TB325(RM39). But
most importantly, we enjoyed the yummy food+coffee since we're on holiday so splurge & enjoy life to the fullest we can!

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