Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Introducing Avon Life by Avon & Kenzo Takada

A unique, vibrant and refreshing pair of long-lasting scents created in collaboration with renowned fashion designer Kenzo Takada, one of my favourite brand in fashion world and fragrance scent choices too. Launched last 1st December 2016, it's now available at all Avon Dealers, Avon Beauty Boutique & Online too.
Avon Life is a new fragrance designed by Mr. Kenzo Takada to reflect the creator’s philosophy to Live Life Beautifully. The fragrance’s star ingredient, violet, captures a sense of unwavering positivity, which lies at the heart of Kenzo Takada’s designs and personality. 

The use of violet gives the fragrance a sweet freshness. Cultivated in the fields of Egypt and Grasse, France, the coveted blossom is prized for its leaves, which are distilled into a sophisticated fragrance oil. The scent for women also features an energetic citrus top note of white tea and a timeless warm, floral base note of iris flower. The scent for men features a heady spice top note of black pepper and a warm, woody base not of Virginia cedarwood.

Recognised as a leading designer across the globe, Kenzo Takada founded his eponymous luxury fashion house in Paris in 1970, becoming the first Japanese luxury brand based in the city. The designer is known for creating innovative styles that bring together the best elements from both the East and the West. 

“I wanted to work with Avon to collaborate on a new collection that would be accessible to women across the world,” says Kenzo Takada.  “My greatest joy is drawing inspiration from the beauty of the world around me, and turning it into an entirely new reality. My experience with the Avon team has allowed me to do that, working with some of the most incredible perfumers to create a fragrance line that reflects our shared passion to live life beautifully.  The fragrances convey beauty and positivity and are brimming with the splendour of the natural world.”

“Kenzo Takada has brought such characteristic passion, vibrancy and vision to this project”, says Katarzyna Ostrowska-Mohamed, Avon Malaysia’s Head of Marketing. “Kenzo Takada’s personal mantra of beauty and positivity resonates deeply with Avon’s belief in beauty, optimism and the power of women.  Mr. Takada personally worked with our global team to develop every aspect of these fragrances, from the olfactory notes to the design of the bottles.  We can’t wait to share them with our customers around the world”.
          About Avon Life for Women
Stunning Violet, subtle Sakura essence, fresh White Tea & sexy Iris

Bright and energetic, this feminine fragrance layers delicate floral notes with the essence of white tea for a scent that’s both fresh and light. The star ingredient is stunning violet, which lends elegance and clarity to the fragrance. Balanced with subtle notes of waterlily and sakura essence, the fragrance captures a warm and sensual finish and adds an undeniable allure that lasts all day.

Top notes: Waterlily, white tea, red apple
Middle notes: Violet, white peony, sakura essence
Base notes: Iris, ambrette seeds, patchouli

About Avon Life for Men
Bold Black pepper, warm Violet leaves & rich Virginia Cedarwood 

This modern yet distinctly masculine fragrance features a refined blend of spices and aromatics. The structured scent opens with bold top notes of black pepper and juniper, before revealing a warm heart of violet, geranium and star anise. Rich Virginia cedarwood provides the base, creating a polished, lasting finish for an all-day impact.

Top notes: Black pepper, Juniper berries, crips cypress
Middle notes: Violet eaves, Geranium, Star anise
Base notes: Virginia Cedarwood, Musk, Orris root

Avon Life for Him and Her are retailing at RM159.00 WM/RM182.90 EM each. To purchase this lovely fragrance with shining, stunning packaging and refreshing scents that managed to envelope me into romanticism for hours long, you can contact your AVON Dealer or visit any AVON Beauty Boutiques nationwide. For inquiries, you can call the AVON Toll-Free Line at 1-800-22-AVON (2866) or log on to

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