Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kyushu Island - Kumamoto Prefecture Part 2

1st day arrived at Fukuoka, Kyushu Island of Japan in the morning by Vietnam Airlines from Ho Chi Minh,
we're chauffeured by the typical Japanese coach to Kumamoto that took about 2 hours. I quickly take a good
rest and sleep till I reached Kumamoto Castle Park only I tried to refresh myself from my deprived sleep.
To me, sleep is really 'Dai Guo Tin' and nothing else is more important than my 8 hours sleep. I've told Rambo
not to wake me up for any meals on board even for breakfast if he sees me sleeping soundly like a log, rock or
sleeping beauty. If possible, I really don't wana go travel that affects much of my blissful sleep like China. 

Haha...Just leave me alone, even got Abalone or 'Fatt Tiu Cheong' Buddha Jumps Over The Wall also don't care.
After a yummylicious lunch at one of the famous Japanese Restaurant, we get to shop till we drop for 5.30 hours
straight at Kumamoto Shopping Arcade where you'll be spoiled for unlimited choices with great bargains of deals at
this shopping paradise like Shinzaibashi Osaka, almost the same. There are many shopping malls like Tenmonkan,
and Parco if you didn't like to hang out at pharmacies, shops or cafes like us, plenty of things to look & explore here.
I wish I could spend the whole day here also although 5.30 hours can be quite long for many others who didn't shop
and most of them were too tired to do anything also. All we wanted is to get a good slumber night at hotel only.

More over this Kumamoto Shopping Arcade is really long from the top to the end also, there's another one
arcade at the opposite of another main road, you need to cross over to another buildings for more shopping.
If you don't have the kinda burst of energy like an athlete, I bet you would just hang out at the cafes for coffee
only especially if you're not into shopping kinda person. But then here in Japan, you get to see many kinds of
weird, fun things and you can also go for Karaoke if you're bored waiting for your queen, princess who loves
to go shopping. Haha...Japan is another country besides China where you'll be awe with thousands of surprises. 

Haha...I've explored much Japan from Honshu, Hokkaido and Kyushu Island all around, I've seen a lot and
read so much about Japan, but everytime I was there, I'm still surprised to see many real things about them.
In fact Rambo just told me recently that his company was asking if he wana be based in Japan for a year and
bring me along, but then I gave many excuses to Rambo that I'm not keen to be based here for a year long. "As
you know the way I eat like a Pig, susah a bit for me although I love taking Japanese good food from Japan but
not everyday" I reasoned with Rambo. He totally understands my situation as I had promised him later years
in our 50's maybe. Haha...At this moment while I still have the high energy, I wanted to explore the world 1st.
Just got my lovely Pink Furry Samantha Vega Handbag, I left with a happy good mood that last me till today.

I've started to use the mini handbag liao given to me as the gift from my expensive
purchase since now at my age of 40, I never sayang sayang to use any of my things
because I've seen so many people just left the world to another world without any
chance to live their life to the fullest they planned to be. Life is so short, never even
given a chance for some to repent, change or hopes to live so never live a regretted
life no matter how short it can be. If you wana indulge in Butterscotch Frappe cost
RM15, dine luxuriously at Hongkong The Peak for lovely scenery or wear a Rolex
just go for it. Like I told Rambo, I always live with my philosophy 'Sei Yi Mou Ham'
because when I looked back my 40 years of life, I have live my life to the fullest I can.

Both Rambo and I have different kinds of perceptions in living our lives real drastically. He thinks that savings
the RM15 for CB Mocha Coffee for 365 days meant a lot for him where he can saved RM54,750 in 10 years. To
me, the RM15 for a cup of my favourite coffee managed to brighten up my day with good mood, stimulate brain
waves to kick start my day with wisdom thinking and beneficial for my heart in the long run. So both of us have
our very own firm standings in financial planning but in the end, Rambo only had one goal in life is to love his wife
fully, sincerely so naturally he will relent to my demanding request so long I'm living up my days happily everyday.
To me, my wishful thinking is also the same like I told him everyday, "Be back home safely" and not just the
amount of money he brings back to please me so I can buy Hermes or LV last December that made me LOL.
Haha...Money can buy you happiness obviously but there are times, we need to be smart in spending our money.

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