Thursday, February 11, 2016

HELLO KITTY Love Nail Manicure

As I was busy and lazy also to book for a manicure spa for the coming CNY 2016,
I did my own manicure all by myself at home. Didn't expect that it can be so easy
as ABC, Do Re Mi and saved a lot of my time too.  

Just choose the right size of the sticker that matches your nail, paste it evenly, firmly & smoothly. Use 
the wood stick that looked like a toothpick to smooth it perfectly at the side nails, it helped a lot. Totally
falling in love with it after seeing this lovely Hello Kitty transformation on my nails. 

I added the sexy shining, shimmering Pink nail colour to make it more glamorous and fabulous for CNY.
This DIY Hello Kitty LoveNail stickers manicure is totally worthy of your money as it comes with 2 sets
of pink and golden Hello Kitty designs you can play with. Check out Tokyoninki at

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