Sunday, February 14, 2016

SCORE Cupid Run On Valentine's Day

This year Valentine's Day 2016 is my 23rd time celebrating a romantic day with Rambo. He's not keen to join
me for this fun run at all, but I assured him that if we can wake up early in the morning then we join the fun
run. I reassured him not to force ourselves for the healthy activity, just do our best and enjoy it to the max.
In fact, I was the one who pushed him to wake up early in the morning at 5am.Haha...Don't play play, if
there's a will, there's always a way to push me to do something successfully or in this case, to wake up 
early for the sweetest fun run ever although I'm not a morning person. I always told everyone that I was
born in the afternoon time after 3pm, so I'll only look for food after I had enough good sufficient sleep. 
After much self-motivation only, I purposely come later at 7am so I need not queue for long. Just register and
start to join the run for fun. I told Rambo liao, we only need to exercise and enjoy those pit stops games for fun.

At this very 1st pit stop, the challenge is to get all the green beans into a bowl in 10 seconds. Rambo said
he can do it alone without my help so I let him do it by himself by cheering him up. No wonder long queue.

I told him, "Must win!" and he managed to win all these snacks for me. Next to me, the couple didn't win so
they only got 2 packs of potato chips. When it comes to fun games like this, I'm very competitive one. I find
it amusing, interesting to win mainly not for the prizes but for excitement and exhilarating moments like this.

In sports and games, I grew up representing my school and Rumah Hijau to win gold medal for 4x100 baton
run, 'Lompat Jauh' & 'Lompat Tinggi', besides Netball, Bastketball, Volleyball & Badminton tournaments.
love sports all my life, but nowadays I prefer to make more money to explore and see the world. 
I ate some chips to help boost up some energy for body as I haven't take my breakfast yet, too early. 

While Rambo was queuing up for the 2nd game, I quickly took a picture wearing
the Tutu Skirt for great memories. Never wana waste my time to queue up long. 
This 2nd challenge is more challenging where we need to find the right key to open a lock in 15 seconds if
not mistaken. I managed to open it, won the last Bella Powerbank and cheer my dear Rambo to win an
Orange Hairband for me. The excitement to win everything they had came hotter for me esp. when the
sun started to glare fiery hot to us at 9am. Let's just win the game and leave home early for my sleep again.

My mission for this Score Cupid Run 2016 is not to blog about it as I have shout
out loud for them to encourage lovebirds to join this meaningful fun run together,
most importantly to accomplish my vision to enjoy the healthy event with Rambo
 gleefully. Next year remember to sign up for this fun run, it's fun & healthy too!

Rambo may not be the best photographer I expected him to be, but he's the best companion I want to spend the
rest of my life with. I enjoyed going healthy, worthy event like this with him.We clicked somewhere, somehow
along the line where we used to be so active in sports although we're absolutely the opposite attracts couple.

Such a long queue here so we forgo many picture pit stops here with the horse carriage, bicycle & trishaw.
We only wanted to finish the Cupid fun run and go home for rest. Haha...We're aged 40's lovebirds who
have retired from all the sports we used to be passionate with, but will still continue playing once we can
slot in some time to play with our family and friends during travel, weekends and friendly tournaments.

Both Rambo and I enjoyed this SCORE Cupid Run together on Valentine's Day. In fact, Rambo told me it's
something memorable for him also as no matter what kinda excuses he gave me, I still managed to convince
him to come for this. Haha...We're both so strong in our characters and personalities of Dragon vs. Tiger(R),
so our 22 years of secured and endured relationship needed extra tolerance and patience to keep us going
stronger and longer than ever. It's never easy to live with a partner for years, it's definitely a big challenge!
Everyone may think Rambo loves me so much, he'll 'Zau' tolerate with me more
than I. But the reality is, there are times I need to tolerate with his strong Tiger
personality as well esp.when I tried to stand on his position, I can understand his
feelings and thoughts about the whole scenario. In relationship points of view,
it's better to have a win-win situation rather than win-lose battle at the end of the
day as life is so short, you should treasure plus cherish your loves and give the
best shot you can like a slam dunk of a basketball game to win his love forever.

Win-win love relationship with true love will only benefits both lovers to stay happy and lovey dovey together.
So what if you've won over a battle during fighting/arguments, will your ego be able to win you a million
dollar jackpot? It's ok to fight and debating your strong stands on certain issues in life occasionally. Both 
Rambo and once fought, I got myself well prepared to fight fiercely with him like the Chun Li vs Ken
video game. Rambo's sisters laughed out loud also when I told them about it. But after the fight,
we understand each other more to advance level and knowing how to love and care of each other even
 more after that. We learned better from own mistakes and took it as good lessons to repent, change
and improve our relationship to the best we could each day. That's what love is all about!
To me, medals are not important and I never really keep my sports or singing trophies triumphantly also.Rambo
also didn't keep any of his winning trophies at our home sweet home. But it's something money cannot buy kinda
victories that many people would go for and feeling prideful after winning or completing the run, game or sports.
I totally understand their feelings about achieving something they're passionate about as I've experienced many
of it before so I know how it feels deep inside my sentimental heart. Just like this Cupid Interlocking Hearts medal,
I find it nice, sweet & creative too. I think it's totally worth it to spend my precious time esp.early in the morning
with my dear Rambo to keep it as our souvenirs of love remembrance. Life is beautiful when we're truly grateful!

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