Monday, February 29, 2016

KL City Dentist Scaling & Polishing Review

As usual, I arrived at KL City Dentist at Level 7-03, Menara HSC , 187, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur at 2.45 pm for my 3 pm appointment. The moment I stepped into their inviting and comforting dental clinic, I feel relaxed to start on my scaling & polishing review already. I make myself a hot fruity tea to calm my overall senses and feelings, making myself comfortable here by reading magazines while waiting for my turn to go in.

Actually I dread to come for this teeth review for the past 2 weeks, still hesitating about it before the CNY and even after CNY, it's Rambo who pushed me really hard to come for this 'used to be my yearly dentist visit affair' so I came. Rambo has allocated about RM10,000 for me to do my teeth whitening, polishing and correcting the overall look of my teeth for years liao but I keep dili-deli for many years due to my busy schedules and the last lousy visit I had at Seri Petaling Dental Clinic 2 years ago just next to his office, dreaded me even more.

Expensive never mind but must be good since it's paid by Rambo's company for staff benefits and he gave it to me as he knew I very 'sayang'(love) my teeth one. I never want to pull any of my teeth until it came off naturally. I rather endured the pain & sufferings of having the loose tooth in my mouth, eating slowly and carefully for 2 years and rather sing my heart out with a loose tooth at home. Haha...outside, no karaoke for me or singing out loud as I showed to my sis when I sang what went wrong, she laughed out loud also. 

When the Seri Petaling Dental Clinic called me again for a yearly visit, I told them free of charge also I won't go anymore so that they can get 'patah hati'(heart broken) about calling me again. I rather go back to the Cheras Dentist which I usually visit with my mom, also using my mom or sis credits if they have extra credits and paid using my own money also I'm more than willing as long the service is good and effective for years. After all, visiting a dentist you really need a professional dentist who's gentle, nice, understanding and skilful in his/her job to keep our teeth healthy and pretty at the same time.

KL City Dentist overall environment not only looked tidy and classy as a dental clinic, they're also your friendly dental clinic that will give you a courtesy call to remind you for your important dentist appointment on time. KL City Dentist is open Monday to Friday at 8.30am to 7pm, Saturday 8.30am to 5.30pm and closed on Sunday but open for selected public holidays so call 03-21815792 during office hours or 017-7926792 for an appointment 1st before you hop over there. You can also email them at for more infos.

Dr. Mong gave me a 1st good impression as a nice, humble young dentist hailed from UK graduate, back to Malaysia for 3 years service and having this dental clinic with 2 other partners during our meeting where he came out to the lobby to welcome me inside to his dental room. We had a brief chat about KL City Dentist, their services and quality products that they carried here. I was keen to do the professional teeth whitening from DISCUS brand already after talking to him about it that fateful afternoon.

After having a thorough check on my teeth with Dr.Mong where he explained nicely to me on the steps, he recommended the right dental treatments based on the dental chart printed and shown to me to prevent the Periodontal Disease as I have very weak gums liao. For sure, it's all due to aging for 40 years old of me what do you expect? I can understand that and I'm actually very grateful liao that I only loose 2 of my precious big tooth behind. The rest like my mom, Rambo, my sis and sis-inlaws lose 4 and more with 'Ka Nga'(dentures or fake teeth) which can be a nuisance at times for them.

I know that if I don't take good care and precaution of my dental health from now on especially after having this serious discussion with Dr. Mong, I'll lose out more of my teeth with no 'gigi' real quickly. But I honestly told him that I need to get mentally and physically prepared 1st for this intensive treatment to take its place. I'm afraid of the pain and suffering only, financial issue was well prepared by Rambo for my dental beautification long time ago. Haha...There's only one of my real excuse that's understandable for myself, Rambo and my dentist is that I'm not well prepared for the suffering to undergo painful dental treatment only.

Sure you cannot escape from the pain one, I know the meaning of 'No pain, No gain' but I rather not go for pain for any gain in the name of beauty. But for dental health, I need to get myself 100% mentally prepared 1st before I can commit to it. Dr.Mong managed to provide a professional dental service for Scaling and Polishing treatment for me that 'dreadful decision day' as I thought of 'Fong Fei Gei', flying on a jet plane at the very last minute also but lucky Rambo really pushed me to come for it. A bit sensitive of course but I feel that my teeth is clean enough and back to feeling confident with my '40 years old real teeth'.

Haha...I forgot to take a nice picture of my new polished teeth as I keep on sharing about my teeth polishing experience and the famous whitening treatment I'm interested to start soon with Rambo and this is actually my before picture. But honestly I'm very satisfied with Dr. Mong's dental service as he really listened very well to my request of "Kindly be gentle to my teeth, make sure no pain but gain" at the end of the day and he did it really well. Check out KL City Dentist at for more updates. 


  1. Is the dentist handsome? If yes, then I may be would forget my fear & pain when go for the treatment or operations.... hahahah

    1. Haha...You can meet him personally & check it out! :)