Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Turkey Pamukkale - Cotton Castle

We had Turkish lunch on our way to Pamukkale visiting the most awaited tourist destination Cotton Castle.
Haha...Not forgetting to take a picture momento with my beloved country Malaysia flag before leaving.

Our PhD Professor Tour Guide from Turkey never failed to explain the overall picture of this world-famous
unique white lime cascades paradise formed by hot mineral springs before we split for own honeymoon here.

To reach here, we need to walk quite far away distance from the main entrance of this huge place. One
old Aunty decided to 
quit at half way as she couldn't go through the whole journey anymore and U-turn
back to the 
building for rest. It was burning hot like you're stuck in desert Sahara like that, beh tahan!

Die die also I must go through the long walk to reach here because this is the place I wanted to visit
Turkey at the 
very 1st place no matter how hard the journey is under this hot weather condition. Cotton
Castle is marvelous and fabulous to simply describe it. I totally fell in love with it the 
moment I laid my
eyes on this spectacular nature with fascinating scenery and fantastic history.
I got so excited to try out the hot mineral spring water here and hoping to enjoy it as well but I didn't bring
my swimwear. Thank God they promised us that we can enjoy the same hot thermal pool at 5 star hotel so
I soothe myself by dipping my legs here and took many lovely pictures here for great memories. It was fun.

It was so slippery and the hot spring water was so hot man. I saw Syuen fell down a few times, trying so
hard to stand on the slippery mineral ground and I rather sat at one corner for total rest and relaxation. The
burning hot sun was another challenge we need to battle besides feeling tired from very early tours till pm.
After having sufficient rest, both Rambo and I lovingly start to take a slow stroll all around the place. It's
wonderful here with many types of beautiful flowers planted at the garden during Summer season in Turkey.  
So captivating and charming views here, from North East South West angles and I wished I brought along
more advanced camera to shoot all these enchanting moments here with my dear Rambo. In fact, he totally
loved many of the Turkey's enthralling sceneries everywhere from Cotton Castle to Cappadocia, Turkey. 

For professional photographers out there, besides China, you need to visit Turkey for many attractive
pictures. Not now, maybe after the Syria War. Turkey never wanted to be part of any country's war that
cross over their country as they're a developing country like Malaysia. They wanted to prosper higher &
better as well with many types of export business to around the world but the cruel world forced them to.
Actually I fully recommended everyone to visit Turkey like Jerine did to me and I was glad I quickly made the
decision after we talked about it in China during our April Spring Holiday. I came back, researched the best tour
package for all around Turkey Journey of Europe to Asia side and booked for the best 5 star hotels throughout.
Here, I met Mummy Revithy who also encouraged me to go South Africa exciting journey and I was glad I did.

Travelling to a total of 2920 kilometres all around Turkey from Istanbul to Cappadocia was an awe-inspiring
journey for me because I've learnt so much from the PhD Professor about Turkey and some of its language,
knowing much about their trade and business, met many nice people and make new friends in Turkey.
Cotton Castle in Turkey is celebrated as one of the most attractive wonder nature just like HuangLong,
China & I totally agreed with it. Every shots from here were magical and meant such great miracle to me. 

Some writers wrote that the China UNESCO World Heritage Site Huang Long is more beautiful than Cotton
Castle for its colourful pools but to me, I would say that both places have their own distinctive beauties. 
I've been to both places during Spring & Summer seasons. Basically, it's almost the same but China had 
cold & chilly weather during the Spring Season esp.when we managed to reach so high up the mountain.

Rambo was out of breath during the hiking up to HuangLong, Sichuan Province. I sprayed lots of Cellfood
water for him while the others bought some oxygen mineral water and oxygen tanks for air to reach up there.
I was glad to be able to travel at young age, as the older ones usually are not encouraged to follow us no
matter how keen they were. Cotton Castle also you need to walk a lot to witness this bewitching beauty.

Haha...It's now or never to travel and see the world. Travel not only inspired me so much in life experiences,
it also uplifted my good mood, motivated me to 'Ganbatte' even harder and enjoyed my life to the max level.
The more you see, you'll love your own country for sure and makes you a better person you can be esp.
when you're able to enlighten the many others to strive and thrive harder to achieve what you've shared.
Life's a journey you set your world to be so stay motivated and uplifted to achieve what you really wanted.
The world is not gonna wait for us, it keeps on turning and changing when the sun keeps on burning on us.

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