Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Philip Wain International Body Regulating Treatment Review

First and foremost, I would like to thank Philip Wain International for offering me this new revolutionary healthy body treatment that managed to lullaby me into a peaceful sleep that night. The moment I rest on my bed that night after a hot bath and completed my skincare routine no matter how lazy I can be, I fell asleep like a baby liao. When Janet asked for my feedback, I thanked and replied her I really enjoyed this 2 hours Bio Regulating Treatment so much I wish to visit again when I have the time to do so.

In our everyday life, no matter how careful and hygienic we can be, we may exposed to free radicals, bacteria or pollution outside. For those who love eating fish or shellfish that contaminated with mercury, it's more likely they fall under a higher risk containing mercury waste in their body. Or perfume spray and hair shampoo that we used everyday may contained chemicals which reacted badly to our body, hair and skin.

You may also come contact with heavy metals and toxins through water, pesticides, chemicals in food, tobacco, sweets or preservatives. All these causes can cause you many misery you cannot imagine like menstrual pain, pigmentation, back pain, constipation, thigh swelling, insomnia and bad breath. 

The powerful up to 800 watts of frequency power can adjust on its own based on your body temperature. The treatment is enriched of Fullerene C60 with unique 'PAT' infiltration techniques and thermal energy ball treatment 40dc that can penetrate deeply inside, absorbed directly by the cells. Penny did a good job for me from the rolling this comfortable hot ball on my whole body from neck to feet slowly, she also did a fantastic job on massaging my whole body to total relaxation. I fell asleep and she needs to wake me up from my blissful sleep. She really had years of experience of magical hands with the right firm touch to revitalise my tired body to heaven perfection. 

Penny did part by part by applying the American all-inclusive powerful essential oil cream, which is also known as Omnipotent Mirco-Circulation Cream that is 100% natural, safe and fragrance free containing Evening Primrose Oil, Frankincense Essential Oil that smells real rejuvenating on my whole body after completed the rolling part gently. At times, I heard the machine ball go ringing loudly at my thigh area, I asked her about it and she said it's due to the cellulite that we had no matter how slim or fat the person can be. Yea, I totally agreed with her, slim, fit or fat, women tend to have cellulite on their body naturally for sure.

This treatment helped to improve allergy, inflammation and lymphatic blockage. It also helps to improve micro-circulation and oxygenation by draining away the acid poisoning besides breaking down toxins and strengthen immunity system. I feel so light, rejuvenated after this fantastic session and after taking a hot bath there, I wanted to fall asleep all over again. relaxing that's for sure!

One thing for sure, their 39 years of beauty and healthy expertise, they're able to customize a program that suited our needs to achieve our beauty goals to perfection. They have a private gym for women who opt for fitness workout and a juice bar to help quench your nutrients boost.

Besides having an inviting lounge to keep you occupied whole day long for rest and relaxation, I also shared with Rambo that Philip Wain International is the kind of exclusive women club I wish to sign up for my total pampering from top to toe wellness sanctuary. After the revitalising treatment by Penny, Janet and I had great beauty and health chat with a short tour about their services and facilities offered here. 

She invited me to try out their manicure service for next visit there. It's definitely my pleasure to visit Philip Wain International again for my top to toe beauty pampering especially for their classy, luxury and lovely treatment. It's the extraordinary treatment that speaks of the good result at the end of the day where I really feel energetic and magnetic like a young lady back on track again. If you would like to try the treatment, check them out at

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