Saturday, February 6, 2016

South Africa - Johannesburg Gold Reef City

Today is my last day touring all around South Africa country for evening flight. However, they still managed
to slot us in for one last important SA tour to one of the original Gold Mine land turned into a fun theme park.

The Gold Reef City was opened mainly to preserve the original 'Wong Kam Dei',
gold mine land that made alot of money so they turned it into another gold city. 
This theme park was built after they closed the old gold mine in 1971. It's famously themed for the gold rush
history that started since 1886. I'm here to explore the ancient history of the South Africans gold rush story.

Once we have arrived inside of the safety room, we need to wear safety helmet
for full protection as this is a real gold mine tunnel, not a man-made theme park. 

And they're very strict on safety protection, we need to be separated into 2 groups of tour members in order
to take the old lift down to the gold mine tunnel. It's so dark in there and we're all equipped with a flash light
to help us see clearer and better. Everyone got so excited about it, so 'Gan Jiong' like we're undergoing for one
exciting adventure like that and I was glad we came for this that gave me phenomenal experience of my lifetime.
Ms. Gold showed us how the gold looked like, explained to us the details about gold process flow step-by step
and asked everyone of us to rub some gold for prosperity luck under our earlobes. Haha...Apa lagi, all of us
quickly rush and rub some gold for good lucks, wealth and prosperitylah. We really had fun here like the kids.

This gold mine is huge man, we're only going under tunnel of 75m below with an old loading lift but the depth
from surface ground is 3293m. When they put on the drilling mode for us to see the actual play, it was so loud
none of us can stand of the noise and we ran far, far away from there. This place is also huge, don't play a fool.
Took us an hour to tour the whole place with the safety protection, then they double check again, filled up a
medical card to make sure that we're 100% healthy only they allowed us to adventure this gold rush tour. If
you have phobias of the dark or height and for those who are having heart problem also not encouraged to go.

Haha...That's why I was glad I got cleared to pass this strict medical check and got to tour this wonderful
gold rush journey here at Gold Reef City. I took a nice picture momento with Ms Gold for good memories
of this meaningful education back home. I didn't expect that this tour can bring me such great excitement.

Gold Reef City is an evocative reconstruction pioneer of 14 shaft crown mines site with old mineshaft for
great exploration and education for both the kids+adults. Entertainment side including the roller coaster
ride, merry go round and famous water rides too to complete as an amusement park in Johannesburg city.
Haha...But we only have time to get full education about gold, the underground works and how they made the
precious gold. We can feel the heat from here even we chose far away seats from the stage area, very very hot!

The liquid gold been poured into a cast to make the gold bar demonstration is so real. And they're actually
very careful when they do the demo also because this action can spell a bad disaster if you're not careful.

I don't care it's a real gold or not that weight real heavily and he's there to safeguard the gold strictly enough.
I just wana take a nice picture with the gold to attract more 'Ong Ong Lai' in my life only. Haha...C'est la vie!


  1. That must have been very exciting!

    1. Yea Lon, very exciting & interesting indeed! ;)