Thursday, December 8, 2016

BULGARI Exclusive X'mas Party 2016

The day I decided to attend this Bulgari Exclusive X'mas Party, the angel and
devil inside of me already 'Zang Zak' fighting with each other whether I should
come or not for the party. The only reason that's stopping me is I don't wana
spend so much money for branded goods as I know myself that I would end up
buying something that I like. A brand like Bulgari to die for, totally worthy.
In fact I just came back from Shanghai, China and I have spent a lot of money on real 999.9 Gold for
my Dragon Zodiac Necklace which is totally worthy of the gold value and workmanship. In China, they
also have Korean and Chinese Triple AAA grades for Bulgari and other famous designs too but from
my thorough QA/QC strict checks on it, they're not as perfect as the real Bulgari exquisite jewelries.
How can you 'Mai Dak Lok Sau', buy it when they also charged exorbitant charges of hundreds to
thousands of dollars for the above fake pieces. For someone fussy like me, no way unless given free.
When I leave the party with joyful happiness, Bulgari staffs wishing me "Merry X'mas" cheerfully &
very loudly thanking me for supporting Bulgari brand. Rambo jokingly said to me,"That's wealth spirit!"  

At the very 1st sight, I have fallen in love with this Bulgari Watch LUCEA means Light and I know
the price of this watch already because I always did my homework when I decided to set a goal for
it. But when I see it with my own eyes, I knew I'm not interested to buy it liao as it's too big & heavy
for me. Haha...Thank God, save my money already. I did promised myself if I wana buy a watch, max
budget is RM40,000 and for Bulgari Serpenti Bag is RM15,000 where I always did before I overspend
my hard-earned money on luxury goods. You can buy anything that you like but always set a decent
budget so you won't burn a big hole of your bank account or crash out your monthly credit card limits.

I met Joelyn who said Hi to me and followed my Instagram on that night itself. I congratulate her after
knowing that she's going to get married soon, happy for her. She wanted to get a wedding band from
Bulgari and I hope she found one that she liked from here. I was feeling totally on top of the world, so
stoke about it after my final battle with the Angel vs. Devil battling inside of me, I bought my favourite
BULGARI Serpenti Forever Bag that's green in colour. Very classy and luxury so I bought it finally.
My advise to those who love buying luxury goods is spend a little more for genuine and quality
goods like Bulgari, you won't regret for the rest of your lives. It's more long lasting with quality assurance.
Initially, I wanted the Gold Serpenti Square-shaped Box type but they didn't have the stock already. UK
online shopping still have stock but I prefer to buy it here from boutique, more trustworthy and helped
Malaysia economy to keep on growing and moving as in 'Yan Yan Yau Fan Sik', everyone have rice to eat.
Rambo prefers our money to flow within our country Malaysia as to help one another, not flowing out
to overseas, then every Malaysians can keep their jobs working here than going abroad. Malaysia is a
beautiful country, 'semuanya ada cuma tak sempurna' due to our bad management of the 'G' only so we
need to change. At the end of the day, we wanted fairness and happiness for the future of our loved ones.

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