Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Mary Sharon Neon Party 2016

I was glad I came for the Mary Sharon Neon Party of the year in 2016 because I had a great time dining &
partying with Rambo and new friends since I just went for a shopping spree in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Nowadays, I need to put KL in full as my readers/followers came from USA at No. 1 spot, competing stiffly
with Russia at No.2 spot and Malaysia at No.3. Used to be Malaysia at top place & sometimes Russia but
USA has taken their places most recently. If not, my email and FB pm would be blasted with many queries.
Haha...So no matter how busy and lazy I can be, I rather write it clearly here on my blog than to reply too
many messages I cannot fulfilled responsibly and it's killing me. I brought along my Pareo, getting ready
to jump into the pool to get wet with my friends and the comfy Bikini I wore since afternoon. But they
started late and after having a sumptuous buffet dining with cold Asahi Beer, I decided to go home early.
Haha...Getting old liao with limited energy level in our 40's, I needed more rest than ever. At least I came
to have fun with friends and meeting new people in the same beauty line, I have did my very best to fulfil
my responsibility and respecting Mary Sharon company who invited me to grace their happening party.

There are short performances by local singer, announcements of their company vision and mission
throughout the night. 
In the meantime, I went for my body art tattoo painting since it's going to glow and shine bright like
a diamond when they're starting the party later. I opted for the Butterfly since everyone are doing the
Mary Sharon's Logo. I wanted a symbol like Butterfly to express my happy go lucky personality! ;)

Elana dropped by for a short chat and found out that I had did my body tattoo so she went for it asap.
She also told me that we need to take a nice picture of our glow in the dark body tattoo before I leave
the place quietly. In fact, I waited for this memorable picture to take its place & I left the party soon after.
The prize giving of iPhone 7 and awards for the achievers from all over Malaysia. 

Haha...You can only see me in my Bikini on cute float the next time I hold my own pool party. On my way
back, I must take a perfect picture before I leave Luna Bar, Pacific Regency to reminisce for years to come.


  1. Niceeee... looks like an awesome party. Love that event location! Can't wait for your own pool party! Hehehehe

    1. True Henry, one of the best location for pool party. Haha...Hope I can find the time to organise one next time, will invite you if I did!