Thursday, December 15, 2016

Starbucks Holiday Beverages Return Along With Seasonal Favourites

Dragging myself to Starbucks Holiday Beverages Media Launch early in the morning can turned out to be a blissful X'mas celebration with Starbucks actually, although I wish to continue my blissful sleep on my comfy bed till late afternoon. Haha...This kinda sacrifices are worth it for sure!

I was quite blur, due to my blissful deep sleep but got awakened finally after showering myself with interesting activities held at Starbucks Mines. Starbucks has revealed their new festive X'mas Red Cups for 2016, all looked perfectly nice to me as I love red with white colour designs that goes in sync together as one.

We were given the Starbucks Barista Apron, a few of them said don't want but after seeing all of us wearing it to celebrate the festive X'mas with Starbucks designing the X'mas Cups, they wanted also. Haha...Indulging my favourite Starbucks® Toffee Nut Crunch Latte. I requested for very hot coffee and the sweet Malay Barista really managed to deliver the best, hot one for me after indulging the cold Coffee Mocha.

I chose the signature 2016 Starbucks Mug as my gift after delivering the answer of the '4 steps To Indulge Starbucks Coffee', a flashback of what we've learned that morning. Very nice of Salleh, thanks for inviting me to answer that as when he asked questions, I was the one who responded to him like a school kid by showing him 4 fingers of mine to the answer. Haha...That's who I am, I was the school debater since 11 years old and I chose Azlyn and Mastura - the 2 Prefects as my team members after Cikgu Sabirin chose me to be the 'Ketua Pembangkang' of the debate team when I declined to be the Ketua Pencadang due to the subject matter.

Haha...In school, I always paid attention to teachers to pass my exams. I listened and learned well, never really into study much for exams as I prefer to read books and magazines everyday. Salleh has finally announced the winners and I knew Sean will be one of the winner because he can draw and won 2 more Starbucks X'mas goodies. Happy for him of course. During my many travels to around the world, I see many of my tour members purposely go and buy the Starbucks Mugs as collection. They totally went ballistic crazy over Starbucks let me tell you that, paying USD and Euros just for the country's mugs.

Starbucks® Teavana™ Red Ribbon Green Tea Latte; Velvety green tea combined with a splash of sweet, tangy pomegranate juice. Topped with milk foam and ruby red pomegranate drizzle. We were served fresh brewed coffee and new X'mas festive coffee all we wanted so I did and enjoyed it to the max esp. it managed to wake me up instantly with its fresh coffee aroma from my blissful deep sleep that morning.

Starbucks® Toffee Nut Crunch Latte; A returning favourite with all-new crunch topping that complements espresso and steamed milk accented by subtle caramel sweetness. Topped with whipped cream. Last week I brought Rambo to try out the new holiday Latte Ice because he likes Starbucks all the time, he enjoyed it a lot and feeling joyful about it as it's my treat for accompanying me to shopping sakan.

Starbucks® Peppermint Mocha: Another returning favourite. Espresso and steamed milk sweetened with flavours of chocolate and peppermint topped with whipped cream, mocha drizzle and candy cane pieces. Check it out when you drop by Starbucks, happy holidays and let's welcome Happy New Year 2017 with a bang! 

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