Thursday, December 22, 2016

SUISO Hydrogen Water Launch At Gardens Mall

Those who have been to Japan must be envious of the great complexion of the Japanese men and women. Besides using a wide range of skin care products, the Japanese give top priority to moisturizing as water makes up to 70% of your body. The quality of the water you drink makes a great difference to your health and your skin. Hydrogen water is also widely available in Japan as their preferred drinking water to maintain their skin and heath. I knew the importance of taking clean, healthy water for years from my many holidays in China. 

SUISO is the Japanese translation of Hydrogen water. Hydrogen is an important element in the composition of water and other organic matters. Hydrogen is also the smallest and lightest element that are able to penetrate deep into human cells, reaching the nucleus and mitochondria to fight free radicals. This makes Hydrogen uniquely effective as an anti-aging agent.

Every year, tourists are attracted to the legendary “ miracle water” springs at Lourdes (France), Dusseldorf ( Germany ), Hunza ( Pakistan ) and Tlacote ( Mexico ) for the purpose of rejuvenating themselves. These water springs are known to have high hydrogen levels. You can now get Hydrogen water with just a click away without travelling and hassle free.

SUISO is a hydrogen making device from Korea and has 6 layes of Titanium-Platinum membrane that separates water (H2O) into Hydrogen ( H2 ) and Qxygen ( O2 ), allowing Hydrogen to quickly infused into water. You will only need 5 minutes to product high level of Hydrogen concentration of 800 to 1150 PPB with your SUISO water.

SUISO Hydrogen water can easily penetrate through to the mitochondria in the human cells to fight against the toxic free radicals in your body. Free radicals have been linked to aging, tissue damage, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and several types of cancer. Hydrogen targets and neutralizes dangerous free radicals, which will then be discharged through urination.

SUISO Hydrogen water also contain a negative -400 to 500 units of reduction potential ( ORP ) to neutralize hydroxyl radical ( HO ), which in turn helps to fight against inflammation and oxidative stress. In fact Susan have invited me to have a taste of the SUISO Hydrogen water when I arrived for the launch, I took a big gulp of it and about 10 minutes passed, I was rushing for a toilet break already and thank God it's just next to the Robinsons. To get more infos about SUISO Water, check out

Introducing SUISO Hydrogen Water by Clini7 (M) Sdn Bhd in Singapore & Malaysia. Everyone can now “DRINK THE RIGHT TYPE OF WATER”, everyday and anytime of the day with SUISO Hydrogen Water SUISO first model – SUISO on the go emphasizes on portability and convenience. 

You can now bring your Suiso device to anywhere on your own convenience, whether at home, in office or even at the gym. Simply attach any drinking mineral water to your Suiso device and press the start button, you will get your Hydrogen Rich water ready in 5 minutes. 

Suiso on the go also comes with a 1-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects. We recommend drinking Suiso Hydrogen water 6 times a day x 500ML. SUISO on the go has no side effects and is certified by FDA ( United States ), ISO, ITC-RoHs, JFRL ( Japan ) and Korea Testing Laboratory ( South Korea ). 

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