Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Burberry London Limited Edition Monogram JAC Shimmer Parfum

Finally got myself the My Burberry London Limited Edition Monogram Shimmer Parfum 90ml at RM540.
One of the reason why I dare not enter Burberry is this & I always asked Rambo to forbid me from going in
like the Forbidden City in Beijing, China. Sure 'La Ye' one, sure ended up buying something that I liked.
Haha...A fanatic fan of Burberry that's for sure, from Japan shopping for Burberry until back to Malaysia.
Another reason is Burberry also gave excellent services, very professional and courteous
lot esp. the Malays. I always told Rambo that the Malay associates from Fendi brand to
Burberry brand, they're very committed to give me their best services they could besides
invited me sincerely to their exclusive VIP events. In fact I appreciates their invitations
a lot, I will buy from them even other Chinese associates came approaching me on that
closed-door events. I'm a 'Yam Shui Si Yi' kinda Dragon Lady, I always stay grateful and
thankful to them who appreciates me much, I respect that & will do my best in return. 
I will asked their names and will recommend the others to look for them as well.
Haha...Burberry London also presented me this lovely X'mas cookies in seperate
paperbag with my very own-personalised JAC Monogram Fragrance in another
bag wrapped nicely, air-flown to Malaysia in 3 days after the online order done
here at Gardens Mall. I'm their member for sure so I can order it online myself but
since they can do it for me safely and professionally, I let them follow-up for me.
In fact they did, they called me on Wednesday itself after Monday order and
urging me to come by 10 days to collect the limited edition fragrance because
if it's not collected by then, they need to send it back to London, UK. The golden
shimmer gold dust inside the bottle added more sparkle, luxury & grandeur to this
special fragrance that not only smells refreshing exquisite for me that's for sure,
the gold bottle looked so luxury and big enough to last me for a year or two.Rambo
totally fell in love with my Burberry luxury fragrance & I told him he can spray it
'Hiao Ka Be Si' all he wanted and we both laughed out loud real happily about it.
This year in 2016, I went ballistic crazy over many pretty, lovely things with JAC initial on it.
One of them is this My Burberry Limited Edition Fragrance that melt my heart & soul perfectly
real instantly the moment I opened it. Feeling on top of the world, over the moon and fantastic
feeling as I always wanted a graceful bottle of fragrance like Burberry brand that smells divinely.
Haha...I really don't mind to pay with my own money for something that I fall in love with, it's
to appreciate what I have achieved for the month end and loving myself to the max as I always
told myself that I deserved for the best things in life that happened to cross into my life destiny.
As long I'm healthy, I'm thankful to Amituofo+Guan Yin who always blessed me for my total
happiness and wellness in life. After all, life is actually very short so live life to the fullest we can!

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