Wednesday, December 21, 2016

USANA® MyShake™ Rebalancing Your Diet Media Launch

USANA Health Sciences has been a pioneer in creating lifestyle products geared towards athletes and the health conscious community, producing high quality alternatives for the fast-paced lifestyles of today for many years now. My Uncle Ta used to tell me that USANA is one of the best top 10 health companies ranked in the world based on his health research for the best supplements and that's why till today, he's still taking it religiously for many years already. He always encouraged all of us in the family to take it as well. That's why no matter how busy, lazy I was that day esp. at PJ jammed area, I still dragged myself to attend this new MyShake Launch and I was glad I did. You can check out Usana Health Sciences at

With USANA Health Sciences’ consistent success, the company has decided to show their gratitude for the partnership with the media and bloggers in Malaysia by hosting an appreciation party 'Shake It Up' to honour this relationship. Based in the United States, USANA is also known for their community outreach efforts, which include helping the handicapped and also sponsoring professional athletes. This event will also introduce a new product, the USANA MyShake nutritional drink mix line which has been featured on The Dr. Oz Show. Mr. Ng gave some good infos and tips about USANA's history story and health benefits. 

The MyShake drink mix is a beneficial macro-nutrient solution for people focused on living a full life who may not always have time to eat meals containing a beneficial mix of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. With the launch of the USANA MyShake mix, USANA Health Sciences hopes to take the supplement market to a new direction with the use of wholesome and transparent ingredients. 

I was so glad I dragged Rambo along to attend this exciting event with me because we love cooking and exploring new ideas for our daily shake blended drinks all the time. Here, we get to experience the real deal of how USANA really did in creating the best shake for our daily replacement meals. Haha...Especially for Rambo, he needs to stay healthy maintaining his weight and slim+trim down his big tummy. He always said he wanted a flat tummy like me but then, I did many things to achieve that like applying cellulite or slimming cream while exercising, stretching my whole body by doing yoga or taking fresh Coconut everyday if possible to achieve that, no shortcut to that. 

The MyShake Nutritional drink mix line is a continuation of that tradition – full of beneficial fats, carbohydrates, and high-quality protein. The drink will help consumers to manage their daily intake of important foods needed to support the human body and help maintain physical fitness. This is the final touch of my Group 3 - Mango Orange Smoothie mixed with the new USANA MyShake Soy that's added with coconut oil to enhance energy metabolism. It's now available in Malaysia market already, it comes in big packet and sachets too.

I encouraged Rambo to enjoy this interactive session in his Group 2 because I know he's a good cook, to explore more about it and we can make our own blended shakes everyday at home. He really did and he asked me to try theirs which was yummy lot. I told him, "Sure win liao, haha!" besides asking him to get all the key ingredients used to make this delicious 'Green Shake' that not only looked so perfect with nice Green and Orange 2 layers of colours, it also tasted yummylicious. 

In fact after taking Rambo's Group 2 winning shakes, I feel energetic enough to move around actively. I didn't feel lazy or tired anymore but full of energy level been pumped up into my body system instantly. If you wanted to have 6 packs or 4 packs of muscle building, you can choose the Wheat type. Haha...All the best to those who wanted to achieve stronger muscles, I knew it will worked out well because after 3 days of taking it, I can feel that my whole body firm up a bit, naturally looking tone on both of my arms and if I'm hardworking enough to exercise, I can looked muscular too but that's not my goal. 

The USANA® MyShake Nutritional Drink aimed to promote the importance of a healthy diet for those who lead busy lives and are constantly on the move. I was so proud of Rambo and his team when they announced the winner of the challenge with 'Sem Fuk, Hau Fuk' because they totally deserved to be the winner for the best USANA® MyShake of the night. A drink must taste yummy besides looking pretty outside as good things actually stems from inside out. They won USANA Multivitamins in which the Diamond Director told me how fantastic the product is and I totally agreed indeed. Bravo to Rambo and USANA for an inspiring health launch that managed to motivate and empower me enough to stay healthy and happy everyday!   

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