Monday, April 28, 2014

Getting Up Close And Fashionable With Fashion Hues

One Utama is definitely one of my favourite shopping mall in Malaysia. I hang out here almost every week
for dining, wining, attending events and most importantly, it's my shopping paradise on earth for years.

Most of all, almost all the brands are kind of related to my basic needs shopping for groceries, household
needs, entertainment and last but not least the fashion, that's never to be missed here in One Utama.

I came two weeks consecutively for the Fashion Hues event, full of shoppers watching the fashion show here
especially the last two Sunday. It's packed with family gathering, friends reunion and shoppers going shopping. 

The Fashion spread for this year 2014 tend to spark bold colours, the usual Black and White and funky designs.

The loud, proud of bold colours will never go wrong with any colours that you try to pair with, including Black.
VOIR Black and White pairing seems exquisite for me, I will try this kind of style real soon that's for sure.

Simple and nice, enough to fully describe this fashion style of the year. I love the shoes too, will grab it this week.

Bold colours can go pairing with White colour and it still look fun and fabulous at the same time.

Way to go VOIR, you succeed to style your design with fancy look that I'm going to try this season real soon.
I grew up with ELLE brand since I was 20 years old, that sum up 18 years of wearing ELLE Jacket Suit to work
in Citibank. Every morning, I was surrounded by colleagues asking me about my clothes, shoes and bags I
was wearing that day.

And then, we ended up going shopping during lunch time, sale and after work. Haha...ELLE has came up with
elegant and awesome designs this year, will check out the Jacket soon.

ELLE always came up with fascinating designs in its signature sportswear. I always love wearing it in a pair
together, as it looks more presentable and attractive enough to parade with it. Haha...I wana look pretty even
when I'm busy playing my sports actively. 
Overall this year 2014 Fashion Hues for the past two weeks of sharing, I would summarise it by a simple design
with bold colours that will go fun and fabulous with any colours to pair with, Black and White pairing can go
in sync with today's fashion too if you know how to mix and match it and fashion is passion for everyone as it
plays a major role for us to win the 1st good impression to people for confidence, beauty and success in life.

Let's go shopping this weekend to release stress, update your fashion wardrobe
and play+add some colours in fashion this 2014, as I believe colours naturally
signify and brighten up my days filled with lots of joys and happiness for sure!

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