Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy, Merry April

Last Saturday, Lynette brought the big Tic Tac Box containing 60 mini Tic Tac inside to distribute it to us. I wanted 4 different flavours from her and she took it for me. She told me the best flavour is the Orange flavour and she took one from her own Tic Tac. She called, "Dai Yiyi, I want you to try this. Very nice!". Haha..."Tq Lynette", I thanked her when she called me during a chat with my mom. I laugh out loud seeing her behaviour because she really speaks and acts exactly like me as I did the same thing to all of them, whenever I share my food with them. What I like about her most is her strong character yet she's willing to listen and learn. 

Last 2 Saturday when I was counting the Royal Jelly from New Zealand to put it in a bottle, she called me and I lost count the pills already. It's also because Rambo, my mom and sis were talking to me then I told them, they made me lost count it and I gotta recount it back. Lynette has always looking for me to update me her life story so when she called me my mom told her to wait and stand at one side, let me finish counting it before we talk. I told her to give me 5 minutes, so she just stand besides me and waited patiently. After I finished, I quickly hugged her and asked her about it. She would then shared her ~Where do I begin~ story with me. She told me that she missed one step modelling for Amber Chia's fashion show and I told her, "Never mind Lynette, if you accidentally missed one step and not doing it on purpose, then it's fine. Just do your very best next time, look forward to do better in future." 

After she heard that from me, she felt so much better and wrote in her diary those points that I have pointed out to her. Haha...she's a brilliant girl who learn really fast and she can adapt very well to improve herself. I don't want them to stress themselves too much at their young age. I always told them to stay happy and take things one step at a time. Everyone will go through one stage of their lifetimes, be it at their young age, teenage age to old age. Just last Saturday, LeAnne sat on my lap and 'manja' with me. I told her, "Dai Yiyi is old liao, you still sit on my lap?" She replied me, "No lah, you're 38 years old consider still young like my mom. My friends' parents aged 40's and some even 50. Her mom said, "No lah, where got 40's? 

But then I said, "Got lah, you is consider a young mom to LeAnne because you gave birth to her at the age of 25. For Lynette, you're consider normal age for a mom," I told both of them. I 'fan sik' to her based on the average age of my friends who are moms and then she said, "True lah, Lynette friends' moms are almost the same age with me." LeAnne still sat on my lap and Rambo also worried she may broke my bone as she's heavy and a big girl liao. "Yea, that day when she cried I hugged her and consoled her, her height reached to my shoulder liao," I told Rambo. 

Time really flies like an arrow that hits the bull's eyes, just a blink of eyes the sun has melted the ice. This April esp.last week, I was so occupied with events and opportunities offered to me along the journey of my life. Last March, one of the fashion brand in lingerie that I loved all my life and I have been wearing+buying it for the past 10 years approached me to share my views about the brand. Obviously I was very happy to agree with it as I have total confidence with the brand that speaks good result of the products I'm wearing everyday. It brings no stress to me as I only need to share my honest opinion about the brand and the reasons why I love wearing it so I went for the ads shooting last Monday.

I hope I can share the ads with all of you by next week once it's out soon. Haha...but I dare not see myself on the ads, it happens all the time not just this ads. But a promise is a promise, I will share it here since they're gonna share it everywhere this coming fashion week in Malaysia. When I went to shop for more lingeries using the shopping vouchers presented to me last week, the Supervisor also said how lucky all of us got selected by each branch and get to shop with the cash vouchers. I replied her it's a good luck charm that I'm grateful for the opportunity given to me, invited by the management and my most happiest moment is to be able to shop more. is really fun and it's therapeutic enough to brighten up my life effortlessly!  

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