Sunday, April 6, 2014

It Takes Two To Tango

My sister told me one Saturday during our family gathering that one of her colleague met me last Sunday at one of the hair salon in Kuchai Lama. She said Kim was so amazed by Rambo's patience waiting for me a few hours that lazy afternoon for my hair rebonding service. She told my sister Defney every time I said thirsty, Rambo went to buy me 'Kopi Ping Kao Kao '(Iced Coffee) and the minute I said "Hungry", Rambo quickly 'tapau'(packed) Fried Kueyteow Very Spicy for me. She said that she really salute Rambo for his patience sitting at once corner quietly with his Samsung Tab for hours and at the same time, he serves me really well like a Queen. My sister replied Kim that I have trained him well for years already and as a matter of fact, Rambo is a good husband where she and my mom have fully agreed to the statement for years.

Haha...I only laugh out loud about it. Often times, my good friend EK went shopping spree with me she's been asking me how I've trained Rambo to be so understanding, a good husband she wish upon the same dream like mine. I did share my secrets with her but 1st of all, is he willing to learn and listen or not at the very 1st stage? If he's willing, then it's easier to talk to him and let him understand your needs, passion and happiness that can be cultivated through a healthy relationship. Communication is very important at the very beginning. If he really loves you, he's willing to do whatever you want to. But never goes beyond his passion and needs too, as we need to have a mutual understanding where we're both willing to accept the arrangements to continue for many years to come.

Recently, I have heard a few of rare divorce/separation cases among my family and friends too. Some are kinda weird and hard to believe but it actually happening among the people. For instance, my mom friend's Aunty WW and her husband are very loving for years and staying in a big house. As he's aging with his temperamental character, his only son couldn't stay him anymore and left Aunty WW only staying with him. She used to be the most envied married 'Tai Tai'(married wealthy woman) who had loads of money given to her where she can play Mahjong with other Tai Tais and she's a 'Siu Lai Lai' who only take cares of his only son. 

But today, to get away from her mad husband she decided to open her own noodle business with her friends just to pass the time. And she's forbid to move away from their house as she's afraid of her husband. But since she can't stand him anymore, she sleeps in another room and never want to face him at all, what to say communicate. Now, she and other Tai Tais think that my mom is having better living than them as she's an independent woman who are still working for more than 25 years and having 6 daughters who stayed close to her. Haha...I told them, "Don't compare life like this. Be grateful always then life can be beautiful." 

Everyone have their own stories to tell, their own journey to live and their own sufferings we're not aware of/heard before. In fact, everyone suffers in life. Some suffer more, some suffer a little and some suffer only after they committed bad karmas. People tend to compare, I know it's very common and there's nothing wrong in comparing but it only affects your emotion in the wrong way if you're not strong enough. It's better to be open-minded always, stay optimistic in life telling yourself today you're gonna live life right and hope tomorrow can bring you a better life with abundance of chance and opportunities waitng for you to grab. I always send good thoughts, that's why everyday I'm living my life with dreams, hopes and glory to achieve. Yet, I still strive for the best everyday, reaching for the stars I have aimed for. 

My business have been established today where I can plan my own schedules to attend the events that I like/wanted. I also delegate more roles and responsibilities to my partner in the financial side so I don't have to be based at the office all the time. Before that, I may have faith issues with him where I tried to hug all the financial side to myself that 'Bong Sei Ngo'(clinging myself to death), I only assigned and authorised myself as the CFO. But now, I kinda let go a bit as I fully trusted him after so many years, but in the end I still need to approve the last calling before he made any decision on the financial side. Before this, he always need to make appointment with me to go to the bank which can be troublesome for him when I told him I can't due to having lunch with friends, on leave etc.

But I'm so glad he understands me so well and he's capable to work with me as a dynamic partner. He knew me very well esp. with my strong character and my working pattern so-called. times, when the supplier may pay me later a bit and apologized, he told them he gotta asked my permission 1st as to whether I allow that to happen or not as he doesn't want me to be unhappy with him. If the reasons given to me is acceptable and they won't owe me for long, maybe delay in a month or so I usually won't mind but I told them never to do it too often. They never take it for granted as I can be compassionate and understanding for their reasonable obstacles that they face at times in business. To me, it's really no big deal, as long they pay me after that it's not a big issue to me. We have created a good relationship with them for years in great term of business, life is consider good and smooth. 

There's no reason to fight because of money. If it's rightfully yours, yes you deserve to fight for it but never creating a fight to get it back. Always stay calm and strong about it, it will attract back to you eventually. Rambo has just rejected company promotion to Japan for a higher salary, better opportunity recently because he only wants to stay close with me. I'm not keen to stay anywhere else at the moment, away from my dear Charmers who wana be close to me at their growing up years. It's ok to go Japan for a holiday, but not for a job as I have a fulfilling life to live here in Malaysia with my loved ones. Money comes from everywhere, so long you're willing to work hard and smart for it, it's for you to grab. Life is wonderful and beautiful everyday, but it only comes, will only start with you and created by you!

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