Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Karma Menus

I always stretch to others 'Bu yao yung shou, yung jiao'(No need to use violence) when you're facing any confrontation or disputes that may strike a fight. Often times I see women when they fight, they said they wana slap and beat each other, not only the men but the women said that too. I always told them to calm down, a fight is not necessary to take place to solve the problem. 'Emm Ngam Gong Dou Ngam', if things don't go right, let's discuss about it till we reached a 'consensus ad idem'(mutual agreement). I missed my law study so much, haha!  

But in this particular case, I think the molester totally deserves a big tight slap for disrespecting her and other women like us. If he doesn't know how to respect woman, that's the humiliation he deserved to get from her. Women need to be loved, care for and to be respect at all times. That's the basic manner you should 1st keep in mind. Just like the story I have shared with Cosmopolitan Mag besides Anida who told me she laugh out non-stop, all of my family members laugh out loud too. Even myself, I still laugh till 'Perut Kecut' when I shared this hilarious story with others all over again because it tickles me a lot of a funny but a true story to share with others.

I never mean to hurt him, that's why I gave him a warning by cutting the newspaper he used to cover his private part he vainly wanted to show to me. I took out my 'Hello Kitty Scisscor' and cut the newspaper immediately. He got so shocked and quickly ran away from the seat next to me as he never have thought I would react in this way. I was reading a story book, sitting just behind the driver of Bus No.103 back home to Seri Petaling that afternoon, he's annoying enough by flipping the newspaper up and down for so many times.

That's when I knew what's happening and I quickly thought I need some protection by taking out the scisscor asap. I don't wana hurt anybody but I did it to protect myself from facing this kinda sick, insane person. He ran to the door even when the bus was moving, everyone looked at him wondering why, and he went off when the bus stops and open the door. I kept back my 'Hello Kitty Scissor' into my school bag and continue with my reading after that.

I only get to share this story with my mom and sisters later, when one day my sister met a flasher that got her so shocked she lost her mobile phone because of this incident. And that's when I told her she needs to protect herself and be brave all the time. I'm not asking you to fight him or find a fault with him, but beware and be bold enough to stand strong with this kinda people. Actually, I have met another one sex maniac in Seri Petaling too where he tried to get near to me, I actually took a big rock and some sands that I threw at him, he quickly cycled away. Then, I ran home and asked my uncle to accompany me to the shop after that. 

Everyday, every minute we need to stay extra careful in managing our speech, our actions and purify our mind to live happily in life. No matter where we are, even if we're around our own comfort zone like our own home sweet home, nearby shops or travelling, this kinda sick people are everywhere. I don't think anyone is fancy to face this kinda sick scenarios ever. 

That's why I always advise my dear Charmers never to accept any candies, any offers and any 'Hau Tim Shuet Wa'(sweet talk) from anyone as we would take good care of them by ourselves. I know compassion is very important to practise in our lives everyday, but we still need to stay protective at all times before we can afford to protect the younger ones. Just be alert all the time and chant your prayers all the time to keep the evil vibes away from us. Amituofo! 

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