Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Importance of Human Values

How I wish I can have a driver of my own, to drive me around from early morning functions to evening events. In fact, it's one of my wish many years ago and I used to have my good friends fetching me around for lunch, dinners or night clubbing with them. I told them it's kinda dangerous for me to drive out till late at nights or sometimes even till early morning only back home. Sometimes, I don't wana be stuck in a jam esp. around KL city, so my friends usually offered to fetch me from my condo to party with them. They're all  Rotaract members and I trusted them a lot so I don't mind to let them know where I stayed because they're all good people. And they're all very blessed people, came from good family background also.

It was one of the happiest moment during time spent with them, helping the unfortunate people and society for my own country Malaysia. My friend who's a Datuk CG now, would usually fetch me for a long chat+Hi-Tea at the cafe too with his latest imported cars he got from overseas. He would explained to me the latest technology of the cars and share his expertise on cars with me when we meet and that's how I got to learn so much about cars from him. The ironic event that took place because this is a small, small world where he and my other good friend DL are both competitors in the same car industry business. They don't like each other and they're usually 'Gau Ngau Gau Guat' plus condemning each other in front of me. 

But I always told both of them, "That's enough, both of you are also my good friends. I value both of your friendships very much. Let's spend good times together, enjoying the good food and treasure the time spent together. Try to live better each day and upgrade your business progressively. At the very 1st place, both of your business locations are totally the opposite directions where you're based on the East Side and he's on the West Side. Yea, although you may have the same clients base or may have to compete with each other for business but there's no point fighting each other like this for business. If you're good, sooner or later they'll look for you. Just be cool ok!" I gave both of them the same advises and although they're big bosses having multi-million dollar business, but they still listen and learn pretty well.

The next lunch visit when we meet again, they never talk about it anymore and they actually moved on quite well. And I'm glad to have them as my friends, till today they would still hope to meet up for lunch even we're so busy with our own lives. I remember one afternoon when I went to meet up DL for lunch, I saw this new UK imported Jaguar that's green in colour and I just got hooked with it. After having a yummy lunch with him and his Director friend, he surprised me by asking his driver to send me back with the Jaguar I loved so much. He took out 3 cars inside the shop parked outside and took the Jaguar out just to please me. I was feeling totally over the moon as the Jaguar is a really a good car where I didn't feel bumpy at all. It was a smooth drive and I always wana get my own driver after this wonderful experience.

Recently, Rambo told me how he wish to be my driver to send me here and there everyday. Haha...I told him yea how I wish that dreams can come true also but I told him I can't afford to pay his salary, only the Japanese company he's working with can with extra perks giving him company shares too. The Japanese always value their loyal worker with high grace and glory, even if sometimes they can be label as one of the stingy or thrifty people in the world. Last 10 years ago, I knew a driver salary cost about RM2000 but now, minimum I will pay him RM3000 if I ever to hire a driver for my daily convenience. That day when I mentioned to Zoey and Samantha about my driver is coming to fetch me, they really thought I had a driver in real life but I told them, "No lah, I was joking about the driver thing. It's actually my hubby who's coming to fetch me." 

Haha...but it's true, I wish I can hire a driver now to fetch me everywhere I go esp. sometimes I have media invites from early morning to afternoon or till evening. Now I know why most of my friends would hired drivers to fetch them everywhere as it is so much easier to manoeuver their direction of travelling everyday to meetings. It actually saves a lot of time and can spare from all the jam that may stress me out. I need to study the best routes to reach to the place on time and nowadays, the Klang valley routes are upgrading everywhere where I need time and toll money to explore it every now and then. Lucky I always told my family and friends, "Wut Dou Lou, Hok Dou Lou" that simply means 'The learning spirit till old age' to inspire me everyday in life. That's what keeps me moving actively everyday, it's the uplifting motto to follow as in C'est la vie-that's life!   

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