Sunday, September 13, 2015

Buddhism Real Tales Of Fortunes

Life is full of greed, anger, ignorance and arrogance poisons that's happening in our daily lives. We didn't mean to be greedy sometimes, but it happens naturally without realising it and doing it all the time. It also happened to all walks of people, no matter how rich or poor you can be. That's why it is so important to mix with the right good and kind people who can influence us to do good, think good and stay good somehow. 

Just last Saturday I met this Billionaire Socialite during my shopping trip at Isetan KLCC after enjoying a cup of aromatic Mochacino at Caffe Gino Bar, I said hello to her. I saw the exquisite Hermes Birkin Croc she was tagging on her left hand, the one my sis Toto told me about she's on a waiting list last few months ago. This is not the 1st Hermes Bag she had, but this is her latest fashion tag with the real, natural dark brown crocodile skin bag that cost more than RM100,000. 

Last 2 months ago, she did a private sale selling many of her used once or twice branded handbags, mostly LV brand. Sis Toto invited me to attend it see if I can grab anything that I like as she knew I'm a fashionista in our Lim Family who loves handbags very much. Although I have no place to store anymore new bags, given out many bags to others recently but I would still buy new ones if I really fall in love with it flatteringly. 

Many of my friends told me LV brand no longer 'Hing Hiong' nowadays ever since Hermes brand has landed its elegant Birkin brand to the market. Even my Sis Toto also wishing to get a new luxury handbag, not keen on her old LV bag liao. I always love LV brand no matter what other people said, comment about the brand esp. those old signature designs. But I didn't use any of my old bags anymore, I tend to buy new one and use new things kinda girl. 

But there's a truth also in what they have said, too many people are carrying the same old designs so it didn't looked exclusive anymore. I see not much creativity in LV designs, the same old designs in the recent years and it's expensive for nothing except for the LV tag only. You pay for the LV brand, the 'Zou Gam' of their expensive property and fulfilling your alter ego only. 

Haha...My bestie mom was surprised when EK's sister told her that her LV pouch cost RM800+ during our shopping trip to JPO at breakfast chat that morning. I explained to her mom LV brand is like that one, over-priced and very high end price esp. now the Chinese from China are so 'Cheong Kong', making it worse then. You don't buy it's fine, the Chinese will buy because they have money and needed to feed their status highly and fully for sure. 

When Sis Toto send me those LV bags' prictures to me through wazzapp, I saw the price tag also not very cheap although she's trying to sell it all off asap. Not only I didn't fancy buying second hand items, the colours also not nice how to buy. The high price sure was not a grab at all, so in the end she had to keep it all back since no great deal to me, what to say for the others. 

One night dinner, we the Lim Family were talking about the Hermes story esp. the inhumane killing of the 3-6 years of crocodiles and alligators breeding for its skin to make the Hermes Bags. Both Da Jie and I agreed to a certain degree that it's very cruel to kill a crocodile or alligator for the handbag and we cannot sleep peacefully at night having deep conscience about it. 

That's where the cost came from and mainly on the brand that you're paying for I told Sis Toto. She thinks that leather skin is still ok since cow are killed for its meat so it's normal to have leather skin made for handbags. That will cost you RM65,000, and there's many other range of bags costing around RM30,000+ also when she asked further more about Hermes brand. I asked if she's keen to get one Hermes brand, she quickly replied me of course not. 

She and I are the kinda same species of women who prefer to keep cash than anything else in the world. Recently, she also told me she no longer buy any new property, instead trying to sell one by one or getting one condo with swimming pool facility better so that they can retired easily, next to food court will be better to get away from the heavy jam and lead a simple life.

The last time Sis Toto shared with me about property investment also, I advised her not to buy it anymore and she totally agreed with me saying rich people like Grace and I never into buying properties. I told her I didn't consider myself as rich but I'm happy with my comfortable living. Maybe Grace is because she's very thrifty on her spending, travelling on tight budget plans as she's half-retired and only investing on money make money schemes to make fast money profitable in a few months time. 

To me, a rich person means she's a person who's willing to spend on everything - travel, dining good food, stay in a comfortable zone, no need to work by diversifying her money on investments and living a contented, happy life of her own standard of simple living. Some people you see very 'Fung Guong', living a grandeur life driving a Mercedez Benz and staying in a big bungalow but they 'Emm Se Dak Sik' - eat good food, not willing to splurge on dining.

In this world, there are many kinds of rich people. Some only knows how to gain wealth fortune by admiring the FD or bank figures only, but they didn't know how to enjoy life one. Some middle-class people they earned, they spend and they keep some, so I think they're more richer than those who have alot of money but not willing to spend for themselves and others as well.

My bestie Jamie is the best example of a rich ones who earn that kinda money, willing to spend on food and holiday, doesn't need a big house or big car to show off her status but she's very 'Dai Fong' generous to give just like Rambo in the last China holiday. They have the compassionate heart to help the others and paid for things that's worthy to them. They may not wear Hugo Boss, Dunhill or carrying any Hermes Bag but they're rich in their own ways.

Money comes rolling and growing easily for them because they're generous in giving and always on the missions to cultivating good deeds. The Americans like to say that Karma is a bitch, but I like to say that 'Karma is maha berkuasa' no matter who you are. Buddhism teachings always makes sense to me with its simple thoughts in life, you do good, eventually you'll get good returns naturally.

I always stretched to everyone, and that night at Ossoto Spa with new friends I told them truthfully, when you do good never expect to have a good return. You're doing good because you're willing to do it sincerely and because you're a good person. When Rolex asked me would he get rich or not one day based on his smooth face reading that's promising a good fortune to him.

I replied him, "If you do strive and thrive for it, work hard+smart for it then you will get rich, reach richness and greatness eventually. Most important thing is you need to do many good deeds in order to have a smooth, good journey all along the way." Jessie even mentioned "Dragons are very lucky" when she knew I'm a Dragon but I told her not necessary and I began to explain to them about what destiny is all about, good lucks and Feng Shui to them.

I also shared with them since they have no clues about how to do good deeds, so I said start it by telling them to stay filial to parents. Jamie is very filial to her parents, every little story of her life I knew it inside out and I really know why God treated her well too. I was too busy to read my Buddhism books lately, but watching this Buddhism movie recently somewhere, somehow helped to enlighten my happy spirit to be back on track again.

This Buddhism cartoon movie is a total bliss sent from heaven, reminding me to stay happy and healthy in body, mind and soul to be able to stay pretty in life. Everyday I meet people, they have been asking me what collagen or beauty products that I'm using these days, honestly it's the true happiness that radiates from within that you see. Yea, I would attribute much appreciation spending money worthy on the beauty intake I'm taking inside out religiously or holistic wellness treatment and spa pampering that I enjoyed every week just to reward myself for working hard+smart for it, but the real truth is that I'm truly happy deep inside of me. 

By loving myself this way, only then I think it's totally worthy of pouring my precious time and efforts in living my life more meaningfully. After all, life is short and we only live once in this lifetime and not sure to be reincarnated to be a human in our next life time. If you wanted to undergo a rebirth again, then make sure you do many many good deeds to be able to reincarnate a human again in your next life or cultivate your way to Pureland is the best way it should be like my Bro Chai and Gugu, the pure vegans. Stay tuned for more Buddhism teachings, more to blog about this subject matter. Au revoir for now!

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