Monday, September 28, 2015

Life Is A Story, Make Yours The Best Seller

Life is short. Never ever give up in life too easily, strive and thrive harder and excel the best you can 'Chung Po' from deep within you. You are worth to live the fullest life like anybody else, nobody can take that away from you. Love from the author of Evergreen Love. Everyday I have so many lovely stories to tell or share with the whole world, be it among my family and friends or about myself, but I was too busy recently so bear with me.

Once I can find some time, I'll try to blog about it no matter how short the story can be. The reason why I am so 'Gam Chuk' (deep feeling) about life and I needed to share all about it is because Datuk J's mother has just passed away in September. She was admitted to private hospital about a week only due to lung infection and passed away peacefully after ICU scare, following her hubby who passed away just 2 years ago.

I still remember she used to shower me with sweet compliments, from looking gorgeous in Red Chinese New Year Dress to looking pretty when we meet, although she had 3 lovely daughters who are 'Hao Fa', pretty ones famously known around Jinjang area. They're all good friends with Rambo+Sis Toto family for years liao. Celine is one of her pretty daughter who always liked my pictures on Facebook, Datuk J her son too in which I did my best to do the same thing. 

My Uncle Gudeh who used to teach me speak Hainanese and playing musical instruments like Violin passed away 2 years ago. 'Sumbang bunyinya' because I can't play Violin, but my Uncle Gudeh can have it all played under his superb talent real beautifully, flawlessly and effortlessly like Vanessa Mae. I used to admire seeing him play the Violin, and after so many times he patiently taught me step-by step, I just didn't have the talent to play the Violin like him, 'Suan Le Ba' I told myself. A real remarkable lovely memories with him.

So he taught me playing the 'Guzheng', one of the most beguiling Chinese musical instrument that I can play when I was young and I enjoyed playing it because it's therapeutically relaxing for me. I find it very soothing with calming Chinese music, but I didn't play it for many years already. I missed my Uncle Gudeh so much because I remember all of his flourishing good deeds to me, 'sayang' me since I was little, very supportive of me and treated me like one of his daughters for years already.

My Bro Ahboy reminisced, sharing with me that day my Uncle Gudeh passed away peacefully in his sleep, he said that Gudeh used to give me RM2 while both my sis Defney and him were getting RM1 every Tuesday for Pasar Malam shopping. "Really?", I asked him and my sis Defney seconded that, "Yes!" I totally forgot about it, I replied them honestly. In our Lim Family, we're all very attached since we're staying close together for years, that's why 3 of us stayed with my uncle, accompanying him before he was taken away by Nirvana for bath. 

I learn to let go of my sad feelings having to lose my beloved Uncle Gudeh, blissfully so he can leave the world peacefully as the funeral service agent has advised all of us to stay in the kitchen and never to look at them when they carried my Gudeh away from us. There's a pantang in Chinese customary death practice that we need to follow, it's entirely for the good sake of my Uncle Gudeh passing away ritual so it will go on smoothly ever after. Besides my Gudeh, I have another 3 friends who shared the same birthday 9th of Sept with him. 

In fact during the Buddhist Amituofo chanting session, besides Rambo, I also did the chanting many times for him from my seat. His 3 kids obviously have to bow, following every chanting ritual to pay their last respects to him. On his departure day also, I went and picked his 'Guat Fui' - bones and ashes before the last final prayer for him at Nirvana. I respect and loved my Uncle Gudeh just like a dad to me because he always care and loving us generously.

In all my life, I always believe to respect, love and care those who are still alive and those who treasure me very much. Life is just a passing by living in this world, temporarily for 60 years or longer. Some even have left us earlier to heaven like my bestie Joyce, some are still surviving in life and some are doing their best to live life to the fullest they can. Just like me, I'm living my life everyday like today is my last day and tomorrow is gonna be a brand new day to start a new life, to do better each day and the best that I could.

Just like last Saturday, I met Coco who asked me excitedly, "How's your Dining In The Sky experience?" I was so surprised and asked her how she got to know about it? She told me she saw my comment on Facebook and keep pushing me to share my wonderful experience of dining in the sky with her because she told me she's sick now, she's no longer working in the boutique and wanted to go for this RM899 Dining In The Sky but too bad, it was fully booked liao.  

She also knew that they have stopped the DITS operation by the end of September month, she was so heartbroken. I tried to soothe her heart by asking her to look forward for their next plan since the RM399 Mooncake session also fully booked. In the meantime, I advised her to take good care of her health 1st and healed it fast. Everyday, we are struggling to cope with our busy lifestyles to achieve success, we may overlooked 'So Fat' our most precious wealth of all, that is our health sometimes. Life is not all about achieving goals all the time. 

You know, life is so ironic that everyday wherever I go, I meet someone whom I know and they called me telling me that I'm Defney's Sister, or even at Ossoto Spa, a girl called me telling me she's Eileen's bestie whom I recognized later. When we meet again for buffet dinner taking selfie together so she can WeChat my sister in Australia, my bestie Jamie asked who's this fan of mine. Haha...I replied her, "Not a fan but a friend of my sis' bestie. It's a small, small world to me indeed!

Even that day in Starbucks Malaysia 200th Opening, I saw this malay guy who looked familiar and he said he remember he used to serve me coffee in Coffee Bean for many years already. Today, he's still serving me coffee but in Starbucks Cafe pulak. Haha...Life is so enriching and enlightening for me. Stay tuned for more sexy stories about my life, now I gotta attend my dear hubby Rambo's manja Lau Gai wanted to buy the latest handphone intown. 

Lucky he didn't asked for a new Duplex or Mercedes Benz car to fulfil his alter ego, because nowadays I tend to 'Sun Hui Yi' by giving him the freedom of green lights to buy whatever things he wanted recently. If not, he'll go on ear wiggling me by saying "Having money is to spend on the things you need or like, not for 'Bai Leng' (decorate) your bank account with numbers or many zeros that's not gonna make you happy" which is true, making sense to me. That's why I raised a White Flag to him, admitting my defeat willingly & joyfully. That's life! 

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