Wednesday, September 2, 2015

My 1st Original Turkish Hammam Spa In Turkey

Before I share one of my most memorable spa experience I ever had in my life, you can read about my travel experience in Turkey 1st to keep you updated about it at I can continue raving about my 1st original Turkish Hammam Spa in Turkey till forever if I want to, but I prefer to simplify the story so roughly you know all about it if the next time you intend to travel to Turkey, you can look forward to enjoy the spa too. 

I always wanted to try on the Turkish Spa in Bangsar but I never had the chance to try it yet as I'm always busy, fully booked even for Saturday or Sunday spa day where I have signed up for all kinds of spa packages. When Rambo showed me the credit card statement charges for this spa is about RM220+ due to the high exchange rates charged by HLB in Malaysia, I didn't complained at all. In fact, it reminded me so much of a great memory having one of the best spa in the world for 'JC Memories'. Fantastic spa ever for 2015! 

I was wishing that my dear Charmers were here with me too. Haha...I'm sure they'll laugh out loud, taking pictures for me besides taking selfie or wefie with me. After changing to a red cloth with a luxury shower foam provided in a bag privately for me, Yumitz from Kazakhstan ushered me to the Turkish Hamam Bathroom which they locked it strictly for spa guests only. 

She doesn't speak good English yet I understand what she's trying to say like asking me to lie down facing upwards. And when I told her about asking my hubby Rambo to come and take pictures for me before the bubble session, she understood me and did what I had instructed her to do although we really got lost in translation here.   

She's very attentive and a good masseuse for me. I said no need to massage on the bust area, she understood and she's very careful in covering my body with the red cloth from time to time as I didn't like to go totally naked through this Turkish Spa experience eventhough I was alone in the room. I had no regrets at all and feeling very satisfied with her spa service that night. 

She did a light scrubbing for me 1st using the buffer provided inside the bag for my face slowly to my body, very gently as I told her no hard massage for me. For men, they can go for 'No pain, no gain' kinda hard scrubbing+massage, just not for me. I'm not here to 'Sau Fu', going through pain for the gain of a luxury spa pampering from Turkey that's for sure.

After the light scrubbing to remove the dead cells of my body, she then started to soak my body wet with the right luke warm water that she had mixed inside the basin. Very comfortable feeling actually, I felt good about it already. Then, she started to lather my whole body with rich foamy bubbles created from her skilful technique. She just had the exceptional skill turning it 360 degree for these lovely bubbly foam that's clouding my whole body like a little lamb. She took many divine scent of soaps into the pail, mixing it up and created lots of fun bubbles for me.

Haha...the whole process was fun, because I enjoyed seeing her flipping the soft cloth with perfectly-formed bubbles and pampered on my skin. The soap didn't dry my skin at all, but amazingly giving me a veil of soft skin perfection after the spa pampering session that night. My body was silky-smooth like a baby skin and lingering with divine soap scent too. Turkey is one of the biggest exporter country that produced quality soap made from olive oil and other organic plantations as well. Turkey is also the 4th largest producer for olive oil after Spain, Italy and Greece. 

Yumitz really did a good job for me as she really 'Yung Sem, Yung Lik'(use heart, use energy), using all her energy and expertise, bending on her knee to massage for me from the top head, whole body on every angle of 90, 180, 270 and 360 degree without me having to move around. She told me I only need to lie down, rest and relax to the max only and I did. She also did the bathing part for me, very comfortably for me and I think this is the 1st time I let anyone bath for me ever.Haha...She also managed to give me a perfect whole body massage using the foam bubbles on my body fantastically 'Song'. I slept blissfully and peacefully for 8 hours deep sleep after the wonderful massage. The next day, I woke up fully-energised like a full Energizer battery who's ready to explore Turkey with all my heart and soul already. 

She made me a hot tea to relax at the private swimming pool but I took a sip and wanted to fall asleep liao. When my tour members knew all about my Turkish spa pampering, they wanted to go for it too but when they knew about the naked part even for those married and moms also, they hesitated about it. Some are fine with it, some others told me they asked their bestie not to look at them when they went for it together and Syuen, a mom of 2 kids said hers no cloth to cover her at all, just bare naked totally that made her feel so shy about it throughout the session. Everyone of us have different kinda experiences about the Turkish Hamam Bath and Spa Massage, but I'm very satisfied with mine as I had a wonderful foam massage from a beautiful spa masseuse who gave me such a great spa moments in Turkey. That's life, c'est beau la vie!         

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